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Power NURBS / Power Translators 5.0 introduces the following new features:

• 3ds Max 2009 and 3ds Design 2009 Support, (including 64 Bit processing)
• Major Performance Improvements
Version 5.0 contains significant performance improvements for the most common operations. Interactive editing performance is greatly improved, as well as rendering performance and mesh generation. In addition, version 5.0 takes advantage of modern multi-processor architectures by supporting multi-threading of highly compute intensive operations. So customers with multi-core machines will see huge performance improvements.

Afterworks Dreamscape 2.5d for 3ds max 2008 32/64Bit

DreamScape is sophisticated set of 3DSMAX plug-ins for creating and rendering realistic landscapes, seascapes, skies, clouds, outdoor lighting and more. In contrast to other terrain creation tools for 3DS MAX.


Sitni Sati FumeFX v1.1 for 3dsMax 9-2008 (32/64 bit)

Release info:

FumeFX is a fluid dynamics engine designed for simulation and
rendering realistic fire, smoke, explosion and other gaseous
It’s versatility, robustness and intuitive workflow makes it a
solution for the most demanding tasks in the computer graphics
industry. Almost every aspect of simulation can be customized
through 3ds max scripting, allowing user to interfere with
simulation computation at the lowest level.


Hairtrix consists of two formerly independent plug-ins, hairfx and Ornatrix that can now be used in concert to create amazing hair and fur effects. Both Ornatrix and hairfx are production-proven hair creation and simulation tools for 3ds Max and they provide users with a multitude of advanced tools for creating realistic hair and fur, and simulating its movement.

Autodesk 3dsmax 9 Full – With All In One Pack SP2 Crack, UpDates & Fix !!!

Here goes Max9 32Bit Full WITH All necessary Updates and Post – SP2 HowTo Crack on text and Video folks for those who already own Max 9 with SP2 and can not activate it – or that will be installing it, and sure enough running to the same problem after installing the Service Pack 2!
Plus 3DS Max 9 gives an error soon after launching, most probably it is an incompatibility with Windows Vista! Here is a dxdds.bmi file made FOR Vista, that will eliminate the error that happens when launching it! It should run on XP also, i believe! After that you will be running Max 9 – SP2!!!

 Cebas Scalpel v1.1.6.0 Max 9/2008

ScalpelMAX is a 3ds max object modifier, offering advanced slicing functionality with many specialized features. ScalpelMAX is perfect for users who create complex CAD viszualisations with polygon counts above 100.000. Also the games and video effects people will love SclapelMAX because of its incredible texture slicing feature. Mapping coordinates won’t be affected by ScalpelMAX operations and this makes it possible to cut down any geometry without losing the materials and mappings!

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About psd-manager 2

psd-manager™ is the first and most advanced PSD file exporter for 3ds max/VIZ available on the market. Now, for the first time you can readjust nearly everything in the rendering with Adobe® Photoshop® or any another application that supports PSD files. psd-manager is the tool to help you save time and money by integrating the tools you best know and like.