32 comments on “SideFX Houdini 17.0.352 Win/Mac x64

    • is sesinetd.exe supposed to go to C:/windows/system32 as usual ?
      The info file seems to be for OSX …Thanks!!

  1. this only works if you use the xforce keygen from previous release, I still have mine so sesinetd works ok

  2. I couldn’t install the license even with previous keygen, if anyone comes up with a solution please share it.

    • ya I tried old keygen and It wonk work. Whoever made the old cracks needs to update it.

  3. I would pay someone, if they can make a video showing themselves installing Houdini! I’m an idiot when it comes to written-steps

  4. Gents, I believe we have been fooled to get this version, there is no keygen so IT WILL NOT WORK (unless you install the Apprentice version, which would be the same as getting the file from sidefx itself).

  5. Hey can somebody reupload the video showing how to install it?! Youtube seems to have removed it! Thank you!

  6. Also, where can we find a secure keygen for H17? It’s not included here. Diptra, please help, man!

  7. Hi, this apk is safe ? I have heard many stories with people who were caught and they must pay a lot of money, but I m not sure it is truth ? What is your opinion ?

  8. You can use the keygen from the last release as in Houdini FX 17 (not a 16 version),
    you can find it on another release on CGPersia:


    The keygen is contained in the crack.rar given on the post.


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