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Duration 14m 30s Software Revit 2014 Prject Files Included 15 FPS MP4

In this tutorial you’ll learn to run and energy simulation using Revit 2014. We’ll begin with a simple massing concept with floors that have already been massed in place. From there, we’ll set a few parameters associated with our building and site like location and target glazing percentage. Once, we’ve defined our project and location, we’ll then run an energy simulation to understand our designs potential carbon footprint as well as our annual and life cycle energy consumption costs. These tools used early in the design process can get your concept on the path?to sustainability with ease.



Duration 1h 18m
Difficulty Level Beginner
Project Files Included
Software used
Revit 2014

What you will learn
In this series of lessons, we’ll learn to quickly get started in Revit by utilizing some of the most commonly used tools when working on a project.

We’ll start by setting the levels associated with our building. From there, we’ll learn how place elements like floors, walls and stairs into our project in order to begin defining our spaces. We’ll also tackle any technical issues you may experience while placing elements into our project. And finally, we’ll finish by learning the basic techniques in creating a roof system for your project.