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11 comments on “Download all 3D ATTACK CINEMA 4D Magazines

  1. I will report your site to rapidshare for abuse and inform others about your site to take legal actions

    ADMIN :if you are owner of any material on you don’t want i put that on site just report to me … i delete that post… simple as it…
    i don’t upload any pirate material on here i just put those in here uploader is anyone on forums i grabbed that…
    for rapidshare… if i put all rapidshare links on inline code with no refer rapidshare can’t find those files from my site… :D please see about page Or copyright page on site… ;)
    thank you…

  2. some anonymous offline message sent to me a message:
    [OFFLINE MESSAGE] by [Thomas P.] PLEASE TAKE THEM DOWN! > “This is Thomas P. from 3D Attack. You are illegally sharing our magazine “3D ATTACK – THE CINEMA 4D Magazine” on your website. Please take them all down or we will have to take further actions. ”

    Ok.. but i must identify you are from 3D attack magazine?
    for that send me an email or post a comment here…
    after i identify you from 3D attack i remove this page with 2 clicks …

  3. Thanx bro ! great Share.

    Haven’t you got the 3D ATTACK – NOVEMBER 2007 issue yet ?

  4. Thanks! – 3D ATTACK – AUGUST 2008 talk about Cinema 4D v11, very cool!!!

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