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Nextlimit Maxwell Render 2.0.3 32Bit & 64Bit + Plugins
Maxwell Render Next Limit Technologies Company is an independent system for visualizing (rendering) of three-dimensional objects, which is built on the principle of “no assumptions”. That is, it is based on the physical properties of light and surfaces. Since the program uses the equation of the wave theory of light, it allows to visualize three-dimensional scenes with unprecedented quality.
The system is fully reproduces not only the wave properties of light that makes it easy to reproduce many physical phenomena, such as expansion of the light spectrum after passing through a prism. Sam visualizer expects this behavior of light, without forcing user to resort to various tricks and tactics.
In addition, using the model of a real physical object’s surface, Maxwell Render calculates the interaction of light with this surface as it is happening. Therefore, in the most logical to use the units of the SI. Non-physical imaging system using a different approach and work with the surface and its characteristics otherwise. Otherwise – the different characteristics of the treated surface artificial, determined by a user and does not depend on its real properties. As a result, you can often see various artifacts, defects in the final image. An interesting feature of Maxwell Render is a rejection of the method of presentation of light in the form of quanta (photons). Go to work with the wave characteristics possible to describe the properties of the virtual light source as is done with the real sources. For example, the color is now set not a set of values of RGB, and long wave or the surface temperature of the glowing object. These two parameters are closely related to each other. The closest analogue were photometric lights in the 3ds Max.