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41 comments on “Stanislav Orekhov’s Interior Visualization Training

  1. wov must have this barok shit! but what the fuck?! no torrent still?
    are you kidding me?
    bring the fucking stuff to Hankerchief´s chest you greedy bitch!

  2. i dont have acoount there :( & its closed right now for registration :/ can upload torrent file …plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz :’(

  3. Hi,
    If it’s possible, I would like to participate too.
    Can someone invite me to too, please ?
    I think that I made a account, but now it’s invalide.
    Thank you so much.

  4. This file is too big to download as free user. Please upload to Nitro bits

  5. Hi. What is the password to unrar? Inside RAR there is a file like Orekhov’s_interior_training.part01.rar and this file is protect with password to unrar.

  6. This sounds interesting, but this slavic guy wrote a wall of text before putting what program is this course intended for:

    4. Technical requirements to the computer
    You can have any computer, but more powerful will be helpful.
    3D Max 2009 or is more senior.
    Vray 1,5 RC2 or is more senior.

  7. Cant donwload need premium account. Please upload to nitrobits or similar hosting

  8. Filefactory Premium Account 21.11.2012
    PASS: iamsaul

  9. Thanks but what is the password for the Filefactory links please ? i don’t know why you put files with password and you don’t post it ?

  10. Filefactory Premium Account 21.11.2012
    PASS: iamsaul

    they delete account

    please email to your renew account
    now i’m middle of downloading
    my email is

  11. is this worth downloading?
    its written in lekaimadh’s comment that it is approx 17 gb
    512kbps = 17 gb

    • “Prince Of Persia says:
      512kbps = 17 gb”

      I am not so sure you understand what the “=” means…

  12. hi, can someone please send me this torrent or new renew account pls? to the , thankyou

  13. действительно видео не работает!!!! какая причина? может файл битый на торенте-кто то знает еще аналогичные источники-где можно закачать данный урок!!!

  14. plzzzzz… upload torrents….
    i don’t have account yet… on cg persia…
    so plz any one invite me i’m new and want to learn loat of things….sooooo plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…….

  15. Hi, can someone invite me to, please?
    My email is

    Thanks very much

  16. Hi, can someone invite me to, please?
    My email is

    Thanks very much

    Или По русскому скиньте линк на торрент файл. или дайте инвайт. Хочу посмотреть на это чудо)

  17. Hello
    alsoooooooo mmmmmme , invite me to, please?
    My email is
    Thanks very much

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