The Gnomon Workshop: Vue Infinite-Interface and Workflow
The Gnomon Workshop: Vue Infinite: Interface and Workflow by Ethan SUMMERS
Video Training | 1 DVD ISO: ~2.8 GB packed | Running Time: 285 Minutes.
Reup by request.

In this DVD, Ethan Summers shares his techniques for e-on’s Vue Infinite, an amazing landscape creation tool and general purpose rendering engine capable of handling scenes as large as 50 billion polygons. Starting at an introductory level, Ethan covers all the main windows and functions within Vue. He then discusses more advanced topics including strategies for creating ecosystems, methods for designing realistic terrains, and ultimately how to employ DEM maps through the function editor and in conjunction with Maya.

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Lynda – Poser 7 Essential Training
Poser 7 is one of the most enjoyable applications for creating realistic animated 3-D characters. In Poser 7 Essential Training, instructor Larry Mitchell explains how to design, pose, and animate 3-D characters using the program’s intuitive interface, tools, and workflow. The training covers everything from essential animation principles to working on the intricate details of individual body parts and complicated facial expressions.

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Digital Apprentice Workshop Humanoid Animation

Running Time: 3 Hours + | Video Size: 1024×768 | Audio: Stereo |File Type: Quicktime H.264

Humanoid Animation I features the most complex walk cycle ever recorded for an animation tutorial video. In this video veteran animator David Weinstein will show you how he breaks down and begins his walk cycles – moving onto cleanup – and finally the high resolution details. Using a layering technique, David will show the viewer how to understand the mechanics of each section of the body. Building and blending all the body quadrants together to achieve a full character walking performance. Then in the final stages bringing the character to life by adding high frequency animation additions including keyframed skin, muscle, fat and facial performance. This is a tutorial that should not be missed.

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The Character Animator Toolkit for Motion Builder
This Master Class will demonstrate both practical tools and ideas for creating custom character rigs and animation using Autodesk’s Motion Builder software. Our intended audience is current Motion Builder users of the beginning to intermediate level, as well as riggers and animators whom are new to Motion Builder. Our topics will include the rigging and keyframe animation of characters as well as special animation procedures often needed in production.
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Photoshop Secrets: Photoshop CS4 for Digital Photographers

From the secrets of the pros from an award-winning expert who has excelled in the field and understands your needs and deadlines. In a warm conversational style, Colin clearly explains what you need to know without using empty jargon. You can use these techniques with confidence, knowing that these are the latest industry strength methods that produce professional results. All the new features of CS4 are covered in depth.

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Digital-tutors: Quadrupeds rigging, animation and maya in zbrush 3

digital tutors Collection bunndle.

Rigging Quadrupeds in Maya Learn time-saving rigging techniques and the principles of building solution-based rigs and controls for more efficient animating. Contains nearly 7 hours of project-based training. Perfect for intermediate artists. Popular highlights include

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