30 comments on “Pixologic ZBrush 4R8 Win/Mac Final plus Update 1

  1. Thanks, but can you please upload just the crack as well for those that already download the whole ZB 4R8 app….?

  2. Well you guys wait for your keygen, right now I’m using this release and it’s working wonderfully. Thanks!

  3. File not Found


  4. How does one do step 2. ??
    Block internet connection to pixologic.com via firewall and hosts file.

    Please explain?

    • 1. In type to search bar (right next to start button) type in: Windows Firewall
      2. on the left side click on Advanced settings
      3. again on the left side of the advanced window click on: Inbound rules
      4. Than on the right side of Inbound rules click on: New Rule
      5. Than click on next and leave a program as default selection.
      6. Navigate to the desired program you want to block. Click Next
      7. In the action menu click on: Block the connection. Click Next
      8. In Profile menu leave default and next.
      9. In the name menu type in for example Zbrush Inbound or Evil Unicorns…

      And do the same procedure for the Outbound Connections


  5. @jam

    You’d still get the error after using it for around couple of hours even if you block the hosts.

    but just for FYI, here you go

    you need to go into windows/system32/drivers/etc
    there you will find a host file.
    first copy it to your desktop
    right click on it and then openwith wordpad

    a bit down where you can see
    just add in the next line pixologic.com(with the full address)
    close wordpad and it will ask for save…. so save it while closing
    copy from you desktop and replace the other host file.

    • Weird startup says can’t save to zbrushdata folder for most of the plugins/ booleans working but fails to create mesh from them? I renamed zbrushdata from 4R7 to old_zbrushdata anyone help me out here?

    • You are not telling the truth. This does not work. 4R8 only came out less than a week ago. There is not working crack or serial generator yet. Do not waste your time with this. And this guy saying it works is probably the same guy that posted this trash in the first place.

  6. This is fake as all hell. It does not work at all. I don’t know why idiots even take the time to post this crap.

  7. Key generator will be out soon, just wait for that. Otherwise this is a huge waste of time.

    • Frank my boy,

      The purpose of this patch is that people can see some of the new features and explore them. It is not stable but it serves its purpose just fine.

      So please feel free to wait few months for the keygen and until than watch Game of Thrones and leave us idiots learn about this new stuff with the stupid patch.

      When you get a perfect stable version than start learning 😀


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