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11 comments on “Evermotion Archexteriors Vol 7

  1. can some one please help me
    this is great but i am having problems with the materials
    (((wen ever i open a scene it does not have the materials, but the folder have the materials in it )))how would i correct this?
    ps great work

  2. If you use 3ds max you have to update paths to texture’s folder in File -> Asset Tracking

  3. to get the materials in the scene, go to customize user paths, and there, define the path where the materials are and it will be done!!!
    thkns for the upload

  4. all links will be deleted soon … don’t steal somone’s hard work.. this is very unfair. DVD is only for 99 e.. just go and buy it man.

  5. Yep; textures for scene 10 are missing; any chance to upload them?

  6. The 10th model have?t enogh materials and textures to open…. i don?t know if u are having the same problem. the max can?t open and on the 10th folder are empty to textures…


  7. u r right 3D artist,but Evermotion team do this work to share their knowledge with other 3D artist.they take money,but if someone pay them and share this knowledge free of cost then its ot a bad thing….
    Share your knowledge whatever u have….it’ll increase ur knowledge.

  8. hi sahid
    my father isn`t bill gate if you father is so i dont have money but i really need these file.
    therefore what should i do?

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