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Duration 37m 15s Project Files Included 15FPS MP4 306MB

In this course we will learn about working with the Full Body IK rig that comes built into MotionBuilder. This rig has advanced FK/IK blending, Auxiliary Pivots and effectors, and several other features that make it easier to animate. We’ll begin this project by creating and learning the basics of the FBIK rig. We’ll then move into how we can use the tools built into the rig to animate quicker such as using pinning to lock a hand or foot to a location, using FK/IK blending to create nice arcing motion, using Auxiliary Pivots and effectors to create multiple control points and have the rig affect itself and using the floor contact system to prevent the feet and hands from going through the floor. This series of lessons will illustrate how to use the rig to create appealing animation and some of the time-saving features of the rig. By learning the basics of the rig and how to use these advanced features, we can save time while creating complex character animation.