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TREE STORM plugin for Autodesk 3ds Max is a breakthrough product – originally developed and produced in 1998 – is the first 4D modeler for trees ever developed.

This plugin package enables you to model trees created with OnyxTREE BROADLEAF, OnyxTREE CONIFER, and OnyxPALM generators or TREE CLASSIC generator directly into Max and animate the trees on the wind. Continue Reading

TURTLE V4.1.0.7 FOR MAYA 32BIT | 22.2MB

Turtle is the only product on the market that combines advanced rendering technology with sophisticated baking functionality in one integrated toolset.
By integrating the baking functions into the core of Turtle, standard rendering and baking can be handled in the same way. For you, this means a better workflow while baking and the ability to bake with all of Turtle?s render features. Continue Reading 3DS Max 2009 Essential Training
As the most widely used 3D animation software in the world, 3ds Max is capable of creating stunning visual effects for a broad range of purposes. It can be used to create effects for everything from video games and feature films to architectural walkthroughs and mechanical designs. Continue Reading

DAZ The Mimic Lip Sync Studio v3.0.1.1
Mimic Pro provides an advanced environment for easily creating and editing facial animation sequences. Take existing WAV audio files of any language and let Mimic animate your figure for you. Or, record your own speech file within Mimic’s simple recording studio via a microphone connected to your computer. Continue Reading