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13 comments on “Using HDRIs in 3ds max A Step-by-Step Guide (Vray or Brazil)

  1. RS sucks. Same with Easyshare, megaupload, depositfiles (or is it filedeposit? …. I don’t know) and the scores of other such file-upload sites … if you have the file on your hardrive, is there any other way you can upload it and make it available, like maybe as a .torrent file ?


  2. As Promissed
    Splutterfish Brazil RS v1.2.66 for 3ds Max9 (32bit)

    * Unlimited number of render presets, independent of the 3ds Max preset system which was introduced in 3ds Max 6
    o All presets are accessible via trackview, making it easy to copy tracks from one preset to another
    o Entire parameter sets (for example all Luma Server settings) can be instanced (shared) between presets
    o Extensive descriptive text can be entered for each preset
    * New z-depth and surface-normal adaptive antialiasing tests
    * Improved antialiased image filtering and texture filtering quality
    * Many additions and improvements to the render pass system — more fine-grained control of exactly what goes into each renderpass and more customizability added to pre-defined passes
    * Atmospheric visibility in camera views, reflections, refractions, GI and Sub-Surface Scattering can all be determined independent of each other
    * Texture baking is now supported
    * Luma Server (illumination/GI engine) changes:
    o Many new GI-adjustments added – e.g. saturation, basic black/white point, multiplier, gamma adjustment, and tinting
    o Light portals are now supported – speeds up skylit interiors by magnitudes!
    o Skylight ‘Receiver’ excludes – exclude objects from receiving Skylight.
    o Irradiance Render Cache – Fast. Very fast. Add Auto-Occlusion or Retracing for some fast addition of detail in nooks and crannies and/or next to bright objects. Works well with motion blur, reflection, refraction, and all other ray traced effects
    o Improvements in GI sampling — combats the problems where objects previously had to be exploded apart to force edges to show up
    * Support for 3ds Max 8’s Floating Point Frame Buffer (in 3ds Max version 8 and later only)

  3. Yes the pdf without the files ist useless. And zwarriorx, that links that you say that sucks are better than torrents, you can download the file in just a seconds, not like torrents that they take days as emule, ares, etc….

  4. Will the Max9 Brazil work in 2009?

    I know dumb question since nothing previous works in 2009.
    Just thought I would ask.


  5. this link is dead… Plz upload it again

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