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Gnomon – Master Classes (ENG/2008) | RapidShare | RAR 10.3 Gb
Join the Gnomon School of Visual Effects for two weeks of new exclusive classes in an interactive, online event. Each 2-3 hour class focuses on a different element of the VFX industry and allows individuals to discuss the content with the instructors throughout the event. One ticket purchase gives you access to all 18 classes!

Manufacturer: Gnomon
Year: 2008
Language: English
Video codec: VP6 Flash Video
Video: FLV4 1024×768
Audio: MPEG Audio Layer 3 44100Hz mono 48Kbps


Motion Control and Flashlights
Instructor: Grzegorz Jonkajtys
In this presentation Grzegorz talks about the inspirations and creative process of his award winning shorts Ark and Legacy.
A Generalist’s Guide to VFX from Production to Delivery
Instructor: Andrew Orloff
Join Andrew Orloff of Zoic Studios while he examines the process of producing effective VFX shots.
Matte Painting and VFX Art Direction
Instructor: Jonathan Berube
Use mixed media to create visuals used to support art direction and look development for films.
From Concept to Film: Digital Characters and VFX
Instructor: Maks Naporowski
This workshop demonstrates a shot from a live-action fantasy short film that involves actors interacting with a CG character.
Character Modeling for Production: ‘The Villian’ Bust
Instructor: Ian Joyner
In this workshop we will start from a generic head and create an iconic villain character using Zbrush, Photoshop and Max.?
Concept Sculpting
Instructor: Ian Joyner
Use Zbrush and Photoshop to concept characters on the fly.
ZBrush for Character Artists
Instructor: Ryan Kingslien
In this workshop we focus exclusively on the tools and techniques that will make you a better artist inside of ZBrush.
ZBrush for Environments
Instructor: Ryan Kingslien
This workshop demonstrates ZBrush?s advanced sculpting toolset for environment artists and looks at creating backgrounds for next-gen games.
ZBrush 3.1 In Production
Instructor: Ryan Kingslien
Take a look at how to get your sculpting out of ZBrush and into Maya 2009.
Creature Head Texture Look Dev
Instructor: Alex Alvarez
In this workshop Alex will show his techniques for designing the texture style for a creature head.
Mudbox 2009
Instructor: Marcel de Jong
In this workshop we will discuss the principles and workflow of Mudbox 2009 and how to integrate it into a Mudbox and Maya pipeline.
Vehicle Rendering: Retro Russian Skimmer
Instructor: Christophe Desse
In this workshop Christophe Desse will demonstrate the creation of a Russian Skimmer, with a focus on his artistic approach and simplicity.
Mental Ray: Production Practices
Instructor: Matt Hartle
Examine the steps necessary to produce a finished VFX shot from conception to the final composited rendering.
Mental Ray Lighting Techniques
Instructor: Jeff Patton
This workshop will focus on various lighting scenarios using the Mental Ray rendering engine.
Architectural Rendering
Instructor: Jeff Patton
This workshop will discuss lighting, texturing, and rendering an architectural interior and exterior scene.
Efficient Cinematic Lighting
Instructor: Jeremy Vickery
Using principles from his Practical Light and Color DVD, Jeremy will focus on simple, fast and efficient ways to light a scene.
Texture Painting: VFX Style
Instructor: Ted Davis
During this demonstration Ted Davis will outline various tips and techniques for developing texture maps for use in VFX.
Fluid Simulations in Destruction
Instructor: David Schoneveld
Use fluids to simulate dust/smoke created during a demolition, demonstrating Maya’s fluid simulation attributes applied to destruction.

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742MB | RS & HF | Release Date:February 26, 2009
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Go2School Google SketchUp Levels 1 & 2

Type: Training-Tutorials | 1.41 GB | RS & HF Link

This DVD was designed to teach all skill levels the fundmental skills and techniques to modeling efficiently and effectively in Google SketchUp. If you are just getting started using the program, you’ll appreciate that we start from scratch and build your knowledge from the ground up. And to those that have been using the program for years – we guarantee that you learn something new to add to your repertoire.

Inside the DVD
This DVD contains 26 chapters and over 2 hours of instruction. We begin by teaching you to draw in 2 dimensional space before moving on to create 3 dimensional objects. Finally, we finish by showing you how to build an entire house.

From Groups and Components, to Photomatch and Animations – this DVD focuses on more advanced SketchUp topics. We take the tools and commands that you’re familiar with and teach you how to use several of those functions together to create time-saving SketchUp workflows. We recommend that you watch our Level 1 training DVD first to establish a solid base of 3D modeling fundamentals, then watch this DVD to learn more advanced workflows.

Inside the DVD
This DVD contains 6 different lessons with nearly 3 hours of total instruction. We begin by creating more complex buildings and teaching you how to work effectively with groups and components. Then we demonstrate how to draw complex objects using the Follow-me tool. Finally, we cover advanced topics such as Photomatch and creating Animations.
Go2School Google SketchUp Levels 1 & 2



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3DPalace – Introduction to Game Character Development for 3DS Max | 2 DVDs | 3.4 GB + 3.7 GB

This DVD set is designed to introduce the artist to a complete overlook of game character design. Being a lecturer myself I know how hard it is to get complete and friendly information. With this set I’ve tried to create a solid base of information that people can apply and easily adapt to their own ideas.

The DVD set features the exporting and use of two ID engines, the goal is to show the artist the type of structures and pipelines that happen in the industry. Within 5 minutes an artist can get his/her work into a modern game engine and push their portfolio to the next level.

In the tutorial artists are shown a basic methodology to build a character from the ground up. The DVD uses poly by poly construction method for complete control of the character design. The modelling phase makes use of references and also a completed model to aid both the beginner and intermediate modeller.

1. Modelling
* Modelling Introduction
* Leg Modelling
* Leg Modelling 2
* Torso Modelling 1
* Torso Modelling 2
* Torso Modelling 3
* Torso Modelling 4
* Torso modelling 5
* Hand Modelling 1
* Hand Modelling 2
2. Head And Detailing
* Head Modelling 1
* Head Modelling 2
* Detailing Modelling 1
* Detail Modelling 2
3. Unwrapping
* Unwrapping 1
* to
* Unwrapping 11
4. Texturing
* Introduction
* Head Texturing 1
* to
* Head Texturing 7
* Final Head Texturing
5. Body Texturing
* Body Texturing 1
* to
* Body Texturing 10
6. Additional Texturing
* Additional Texturing 1
* to
* Additional Texturing 4
7. Quake 3 importing
* Q3 Rigging1
* Q3 Rigging2
* Q3 Rigging3
* Exporting into doom 3


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Elephorm Apprendre 3ds Max 2010 – Les Fondamentaux – Vol 1

Type: Training-Tutorials | Language: French | 7.87 Gb (.ISO) | RS & HF Link



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cmiVFX – Fusion Training Collection

Videos Training + projects | RS & HF | 18.5GB

Fusion (formerly Digital Fusion) is an image compositing software program created by eyeon Software Inc. It is typically used to create visual effects and digital compositing for film, HD and commercials. It employs a node-based interface in which complex processes are built up by connecting a flowchart or schematic of many nodes, each of which represents a simpler process, such as a blur or color correction. This type of compositing interface allows great flexibility, including the ability to modify the parameters of an earlier image processing step “in context” (while viewing the final composite).

Fusion is available for 32 bit and 64 bit versions of Microsoft Windows and Linux (via a customized version of Wine).


cmiVFX Fusion – 3D Compositing
cmiVFX Fusion – 3D Matte Paintings
cmiVFX Fusion – Basic
cmiVFX Fusion – Advanced Keying Techniques
cmiVFX Fusion – Advanced Particle Tactics
cmiVFX Fusion – Common Particles
cmiVFX Fusion – Crowd Replication
cmiVFX Fusion – Image Replacements
cmiVFX Fusion – Preparing for 3D Compositing
cmiVFX Fusion – Sky Replace


cmiVFX Fusion – 3D Compositing

cmiVFX Fusion – 3D Matte Paintings

cmiVFX Fusion – Basic

cmiVFX Fusion – Advanced Keying Techniques

cmiVFX Fusion – Advanced Particle Tactics

cmiVFX Fusion – Common Particles

cmiVFX Fusion – Crowd Replication
cmiVFX Fusion – Image Replacements
cmiVFX Fusion – Preparing for 3D Compositing

cmiVFX Fusion – Sky Replace

ZBrush v3.5 R3 Incl. Crack

ZBrush v3.5 R3 Incl. Crack | 126 MB

ZBrush v3.5 R3 – the most recent release of the program for three-dimensional modeling. Distinctive feature of ZBrush 3.5 R2 is an imitation of the process of “molding? 3d-sculpture, enhanced engine, three-dimensional rendering in real time, which greatly simplifies the process of creating the desired 3d-object.

Each point (called piksol) contains information not only about its XY coordinates and color values, but also the depth Z, orientation and material. This means that you not only can “sculpt” a three-dimensional object, but also “paint” him, drawing the strokes with depth. That is, you do not have to paint shadows and highlights, so they look natural – ZBrush will do it automatically. Also works fast with the standard 3d objects using a brush to modify the geometry of materials and textures. Allows you to achieve interactivity with an incredible number of polygons. Using special techniques, you can raise the setting to dozens (if not hundreds) of millions of polygons. Also there are many plug-ins (work with textures, geometry, number of new brushes, the rapid integration with professional packages 2d graphics and much more).

? New option “Auto Groups With UV” which allows automatic grouping on the grid (shells) and UV (islands).
? Added the option “Align To Object” which enables the Building Project to rotate around its local center. Align To Object is in the palette Draw.
? A new Flatten brush to smooth.
? Ability to enable / disable LightBox when you start ZBrush 3.5.
? Increased strength of smoothing brush Smooth.
? Now the mask can be applied to LazyMouse with the regime Backtrack or without him.
? Button transparency (transparent) can now be included, even if the model consists of only one object (subtool). This allows you to include transparency in the work in the editing mode HD.
? Now you can generate displacement and normal maps (normal maps), even if the grid is partially hidden.
? The option “Show Mask” will automatically be switched with masking mode Transpose.
? Fixed 2.5D Blur brush when working in the mode ZAdd.

New features:
? ZSpheres 2 and ZSketch.
? Surface noise (Surface noise).
? Brush for noise (Brush noise).
? Improved LazyMouse with regimes Backtrack and Snap to Track.
? New brushes: Trim (Trim), Planar (flattening), Noise (noise), Move (shift), Spherical, Slide, Form, Flakes, Crumple, etc.
? New Brush Brush Depth Masking gives full kontrl when working with the surface.
? New materials for regimes MatCap ZSpheres 2/ZSketch.
? Gradient PolyPaint.
? Each Subtool can now have their own texture map and Displacement map normals (Normal Map).
? Improved displacement and normal map. Now there is the possibility of “native” export 32-bit displacement maps, High-Definition Displacement, Normal maps and textures from the HD geometry.
? Improve the future, now there is a grid.
? reorganized the sub-palette of Tool, to align with the selected SubTools.
? You can combine all visible SubTools with the option to sew seams.
? A new method of scanning the texture coordinates – PUVTiles, which is today the best packs UV-space.
? Accuracy PolyPainting increased from 8 to 16 bit
? increased to 16 bit precision masks.
? New option for Gradient polypainting allows you to dynamically create a transition between colors.
? A new method of navigating the almost infinite zoom.
? Navigation with the right mouse button.
? Add a lot of new sliders in Project All for even more control over the result
? The new system memory management allows to divide (subdivide) your model to an even greater number of polygons.
? New mask ambient occlusion, you can use to create AO-textures for use in other programs.
? Improved export / import with full support for Maya and its format *. ma. Now shading network for texture maps Displacement and normal maps built in automatic mode.
? Fast local access to all files ZBrush using the new browser LightBox (full version of this browser LightBox will be included in ZBrush 4).
? and many other improvements and optimizations across ZBrush.

ZBrush 3.5 R3 includes plug-ins:
PaintStop, ZAppLink 3, Image Plane, HD Render All, Turntable Plus, SubTool Master, Transpose Master, Decimation Master3D, Printing Exporter, Adjust Draw Focus Z Size

Platform / OS: Windows 2000/XP/Vista
Language: English


Gnomon Workshop – Brazil Material Fundamentals: 3DS Max And Brazil Techniques | 2.2 GB

This DVD offers an in-depth overview of the rendering plug-in Brazil 2 for Autodesk’s 3d Studio Max. In this title Sebastien covers in detail all the different materials, shaders and texture maps included with this amazing tool from Splutterfish. He also demonstrates how to create and manage materials in a simple scene in order to reproduce a photorealistic image in 3D. This DVD contains an extensive custom library which has hundreds of resources in a simple browsable interface. The library includes materials, textures, references and links to everything you need to enhance your scenes and to enable you to create new materials on your own.



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Power NURBS Pro And Translators Pro 6.1 for3DsMax 2010

The Next Generation of Modeling. Power NURBS [PRO].

Power NURBS unique hybrid approach fuses the next generation NURBS
surface construction technology with the industry’s leading Solids
Modeling technology bringing an unparalleled modeling experience to
the 3ds Max Platform.

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I3D – Introduction To Hypershade In Maya 2009 DVD | 1.49GB | ISO | English

This training product is designed for anyone who needs to learn about shading and surfacing, as well as using the Hypershade to work efficiently and easily in Maya. Taking you step by step and explaining how to use the Hypershade and how to create shader networks in terminology anyone can understand, this training product covers many aspects of working on materials and shaders with in-depth lessons that cover both basic principles and fundamentals, as well as production workflows and methods of trouble shooting issues that can appear during an actual production.

In easy to understand lessons, you will get a unique training experience unlike any offered anywhere else. Some of the subjects covered in depth with this training product include shaders, materials, mental ray specific shaders, ambient occlusion, architectural materials, subsurface scattering, and production workflows for Maya. This training product includes all project files and assets needed to follow along with the instructor. Project files require Autodesk Maya 2009 and up.

Total Running Time: 6 hours
Video Breakdown:
? 00 Intro
? 01 Overview
? 02 Hypershade Intro
? 03 Working with the Hypershade
? 04 Maya Shaders
? 05 mental ray Shaders
? 06 Desert Part 01
? 07 Desert Part 02
? 08 Desert Part 03
? 09 Desert Part 04
? 10 Desert Part 05
? 11 Architectural Part 01
? 12 Architectural Part 02
? 13 Architectural Part 03
? 14 Architectural Part 04
? 15 Architectural Part 05
? 16 Architectural Part 06
? 17 Architectural Part 07
? 18 Architectural Part 08
? 19 Architectural Part 09
? 20 Jellyfish Part 01
? 21 Jellyfish Part 02
? 22 Jellyfish Part 03
? 23 Conclusion




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