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  1. is zbrush 4R3 is same version like zbrush 4r2b ?????????
    anyone plzzzz

  2. zbrush should be registered with the bearau of narcotics.
    It is without a doubt the most addictive program I have ever come across.
    Enraptured hours melt into days when working with it is totally mesmerizing.

  3. Can you update from Zbrush 4.0 or you must install R2/R2b before??


    Sorry, incorrect file permissions detected.
    Please re-launch ZBrush “As Administrator” LUEGO ACEPTO Y SE CIERRA.

    • tienes que arrancar el programa en modo administrador, pulsa con el boton derecho sobre el icono y veras una opcion que dice ” ejecutar como administrador” asi, si te funcionará


    ME DICE : zb43win.r00: No existe volumen requerido T.T

    • Solucionaste ese problema?, es la primera vez que me sale algo asi, y lo he bajado de varios sitios y no puedo encontrar el bueno (si es que esta mal el archivo).. gracias

  6. there is this update for MacOsx please if any have share this content.

  7. only XFORCE Keygen for zb 4r3 please !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. can i install it above R2 or first i should update upto R2b and then R3?

  9. Hi guys,
    Thanks to both Persia and x force.
    The updating is working very good.

  10. Hi Davida,
    better update after z brush R2b and use x force to download it also , when you distinctive use manual distinctive don’t use web distinctive,also run key-gen as administrator.

  11. What’s the lowest version of ZBrush needed for this update to work?

    • Z Brush4R2,but also you will need download it from x force.

  12. ZBrush 4R3 Upgrader X-Force (100% working)

  13. Is it just me or freakshare files dont work….wverytime i try to download and enter the captcha it says 404 file not found??? please help

  14. are the forums down? or is it just me getting errors?

    please someone reply to why i keep geting 404 errors on bitshare and freakshare?
    i cant download 🙁

    • freakshare/turbobit/torrent above, still alive.
      try update your browser.
      use the help menu in firefox, “Web pages don’t load” section.
      ..just trying to help, good luck.

  15. can somebody put up any mirrors (mediafire/rapidshare). links not working for me also. thanks

  16. Did anyone try to “extract” (under subtool)?
    For me doesnt work..
    Please let me know if its the same for you!

    • it’s has a new functionality, now you only get a preview of the Extract, you must hit apply for it to apply the extract.

  17. %100 WORKING, uninstall r2b. and install after a clean install of r2.

  18. mofool thinks the OSX version needs to come. Any new on OSX version of R3?

  19. Awesome …. upgraded my R2b to R3 in less than a minute and works perfectly … thank you so much 🙂

  20. Como se instala? desomprimo los rar y el archivo descomprimido pesa lo mismo que una parte, no se como instalar ayuda urgenteeeeeeeee

  21. Hello! Thank you very much for sharing this fantastic software! However I have a question regarding the installation. In the PDF with the official instructions it says that the R2/R2b versions MUST be deactivated before installing the R3 upgrade. Is this necessary using the XFORCE thing? or can I just click on the upgrader without deactivating the R2 version. Thanks!

  22. Hello all at CG Persia! I would like any advice that anyone is able to provide. I have been using 3ds max, photoshop and AE but now I am considering implementing Zbrush and reading some of the posts regarding the different versions available. which would be the best for me to install? and would I have to say begin with one and update it a few times? I have very little experience with Zbrush….more likely none. sorry for the long post.
    and thank you in advance.

    • 4R2b then upgrade to 4R3. (try the amazing Fibermesh features).
      just follow the basic tutorials on youtube, not too difficult to learn, but it takes time to master.

      good luck 🙂

      • Thank you very much dyhvn2 for taking the time to reply it helps a lot.
        and thanks to poster and all at CGPERSIA.

        • I installed Zbrush 4r2b after the upgrade and it all works excellent!
          thank you CG Blogger and dyhvn2 for the tip.

  23. My Antivirus Scanner reports a trojan (trojan.generic.7369064) in the keygen file 😯

  24. in the process of deactivation zbrush 4r2(to upgrade to 4r3) through web deactivation.. It is asking for a mail id at the time of purchase.. but i didnt purchased it …. what is the mail id atually… people who had upgraded to 4r3 please help me

  25. I really can not download it,,,, Each Download Login First before Download

  26. Hello!
    I seaching for Zbrush and I discovered that him are in the 4 version, after in the 4 r2, after 4 r2b and now in the 4 r3 version, but, a question that I couldn’t understand clear is: I need some version of the Zbrush to install the Zbrush R3?
    I Read that not, and after someone saying “yes” and now I don’t now.

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