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9 comments on “Digital-Tutors – Introduction to nCloth in Maya

  1. must be a total retard to use the above links. not very intelligent person. another

  2. I agree, u.n owmen is total dumbass baboon. not very smart uploader. only idiots use stupid and worthless slow links. “if god wanted you to be stupid, he would have put a butt on your neck, instead of a head. That’s why people who don’t think, are called butt head”.

  3. Why don’t we just thank him for what he DID upload and move on? Thanks Owen!

  4. I am really surprised of your patience readings comments of pigs like \mike\,\mason\,\johnson\.
    To close them access to this forum is the least that should be done!
    Thanks for your links!

    • The first three comments were written from the single IP. *surprise*
      He is very smart commentator, isn’t it? -_-

  5. Thanks a lot Owen for the links….

    “Empty vessels make more noise”

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