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39 comments on “Metropolitan Pack by VideoCopilot

  1. Thanks but a torrent link please…..instead of the porn when trying to use free DL.

    • Thanks for the pack.

      @kratos121: I don’t understand people that do just that? did you see anywhere something about Element ? The pack doesn’t event contain the Element version (can be done manually)…

      • Yeah I know.
        He should just do a search on cgpersia first, before asking.

      • You need element version 1.5 too use Metropolitan pack u no

        Yo ngene iki lek gak ndelok videone

    • Here you go ;) :

      ? Over 100 High Definition 3D Models
      ? Day and Night Textures Included
      ? Multiple 3D Formats (OBJ, C4D, FBX, 3DS Max, Vray)

      It is cross platform as these are the files and not the installer for Element.

  2. for all looking for a torrent :)

    • Hey man can you please give me the torrent file itself???
      and the update file? i can make it up to you man but please for now i need it!!!
      my e-mail:
      i will subscribe your youtube channel or something to make it up to you man but i don’t have credit cards or such things.

  3. Hi ,can anybody tell me another web to download the torrent , cause i cant enter that page cause i cant register myself , thanks

    • The models are also extracted in different 3d model formats for use in your favorite 3D design packages, 3ds max, cinema 4d etc.. so yes you can use them, just not in elements yet, as it’s been worked on for a bypass., you comon?

  4. Ok, don’t take this as a complaint but I have to say this anyway:

    1. It requires Element 3D 1.5… As far as I know there is cracked version of element 3D 1.5. Only 1.0.345, which has been cracked by Spider.

    2. This Metropolitan version isn’t cracked so, this means it’s not usable in element 3D anyway.

    3. Ok, it’s .obj models can be extracted and used on 3rd party 3D apps like C4D or 3DS… But that’s not its main purpose.

    Conclusion: So as far as I can see, what we have here is a pay version of Metropolitan, which has been leaked by some generous guy who bought it. Now it still needs to be cracked to work with Element 1.5 (which also needs to be cracked).

  5. Excuse my typo in the post above. I meant “there is *no* cracked version of Element 3D 1.5.”

  6. yes , yes and are correct sir..atm it’s simply a model pack for your 3d application..

  7. is down!!!! is it temporary or….i just can start crying?!

  8. ok this whole situation is really messed up someone has to answer and tell us about the crack of metropolitan pack and element 3d 1.5.

    • And i’m persian! but i don’t think that makes a difference here…


  10. Use GoForFiles, :) it’s a search engine to keep track of downloadable files. If you search for Video Copilot – Metropolitan Pack, then you’ll probably provided the download option. I have a version obtain via GoForFiles and working perfectly with it.

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