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Xfrog Prehistoric Plants v.2

PREHISTORIC Version 2.0 DVD – Trees of PREHISTORIC ERAS. An Image Gallery and PDFs are available at the bottom of this page. The Library contains 20 Species with 3 age variations, (60 Unique Models), on the DVD in 9, (yes, NINE) 3D formats – MAYA, MAX, C4D, LWO, OBJ, VUE D’ESPRIT, BRYCE, 3DS and XFROG. PLUS, a import plugin for XSI 4.2 and higher. The DVD also includes (60) 800 x 800 Billboards and (60) 800 x 800 Perspective Renders, each with alpha, for single polygon opacity/transparency texturing or direct compositing. e.g. games, realtime, forests, flocks, flowerbeds, you decide, its all rendered for you already. A print resolution PDF in 7 languages is enclosed with the library(click below on PDF), explaining the origins of each Plant and featuring Renders of each model – Perfect to dazzle clients, wifes, husbands, and even your grandmother.

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