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CG Academy Afterburn Master 1 – Afterburn Fundamentals

This DVD introduces Sitni Sati?s 3dsmax volumetric particle rendering system, Afterburn to the advanced level Particle Flow user. Allan gives you an overview of the Raymarching technology behind the system and goes on to guide you through the user interface and a number of practical examples that demonstrate the myriad of uses Afterburn can be put too. Later, he gives a valuable insight into optimisation techniques and the best tricks and approaches to Afterburn’s use, that give you an insight into its use for special effects in Film, Television and Games special effects.
This DVD is aimed at the intermediate to advanced level 3dsmax Particle Flow user, that needs to get the most out of Afterburn. The DVD assumes that the user is well versed with Particle Flows operation, though it does not assume any prior experience with the Afterburn system itself.

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