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31 comments on “Sitni Sati FumeFX v1.1 for 3dsMax 9-2008 (32/64bit)

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  2. How do you open this file? i extract the rar file but then i cant open it, it says something about inserting a .r00 file or something… help please!!

  3. I’m having the same problem. Maybe it’s the graphics card. I have a geforce 6600gt. My screen shows nothing and the simulation does nothing.

  4. Where is the serial #number for fumefx I have userID, and the authorization code only. ???

    thanks for your help

  5. Hi
    I downloaded the file and installed and cracked perfectly but the problem is, when I simulate it crashes the max. so basically I can not do anything with this plugin miracle.
    please someone help me.

  6. Having problems using the crack for the 2008 64bit version. can\t quite understand the instructions… Can someone please guide me through it

  7. Nice plugin
    Can you add some usefull tutorials for learn the fumefx

  8. have to have more than 1.5 gb of mem for good results like me i have 3 gb and video card 256 mb+


  10. ok i cant get fumefx or afterburn to activate. i get the request code, i put it in the keygen thing, generate it and it gives me the authorize code only. and than the serial numbers are in the clipboard. now i was able to get the clipboard thanks to this program i got. but whats the problem here? let me know thanks

  11. the main problem with fume-fx is with amount of ram. you may need at least 1GB. btw, if you decrease the quality of simulation. it won’t crash.
    If wanna get good results. I would suggest at least 4-8GB of ram.

  12. hi
    the same problem..i hav only the autorization code and no serial number…pleaz help:(

  13. Salam
    agha man az in serial number sar dar nayavordam.
    mishe rahnemai konin ?

  14. Hey can someone give a link to FumeFX for 3ds max 2009? It would be much appreciated. Tnx :)

  15. why the hell the keygen wont open with max 64… i open it ina command promt and gives me an acces denied , double click on it still error message… wtf,,,, why makin stuff that does nt work .. or give proper indications to make it work… the crakcer sucks ass

  16. is this me only or anyone who installed dreamscape 2.5d for max 9 as saw the keygen does not work with that version and only with 2.5C !!!!!!
    same with fumefx

    drop some info please , it seems i am little lost

  17. I found this link and this crack works.
    I used it for 3ds max 2009 64bit and it was all fine.

    Make sure you have toe correct SOFTWARE picked in the crack program.

    works for fume FX 1.1 64bit
    Afterburn 4.0 64bit.

  18. All links for FUME FX have TROjAN in the Crack files…
    Please upload again!

  19. Did you read the whole post?

    your virus checker sees a trojan in the crack but there isnt one

    uninstall AVG or turn off you other virus checker.

    it works fine!!!

  20. I installed the plug in but i cant open the key-gen help please
    if someone have the key-gen send me please by email

  21. I installed the plug in but i cant open the key-gen help please
    if someone have the serial number send me please by email

  22. I had a problem even getting to the step where it gives you a request code. Dcpflics was giving me an error. I found out that it was actually an Internet Explorer 8 issue. If you’re having problems at the Authorization step make sure you are reverted to Internet Explorer 7.

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