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  1. This isnt working. When I tried to authorize it said that this cracked PolyBoost Version stopped working. I cant install it even more.

    Please help.

  2. Running crack from 3DS Max 9 gives message: File Open Failed: C:\Crack\XF-PolyBoost-4-KG.mse. Anyhow, thanks for a fantastic web site. This is the only problem I’ve ever encountered.

    Many thanks

  3. If you get a screen telling you it’s a cracked version, take a note of the auth. key which you got from the keygen (put it in a textfile for example) and then run the uninstall script from the PolyBoost folder and follow the instructions to completely remove PolyBoost. (that is, remove the file located in the plugins directory and then delete the entire PolyBoost folder)
    Shut down MAX.
    Unpack the PolyBoost folder to maxroot/Scripts again, do not use the keygen this time, simply copy the key from where you saved it earlier.


  4. Meteos instructions work just like they say. Thanks.

    32bit here


  5. Meteos instructions work just like they say. Thanks.

    2009 32bit here


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  7. Funny how version 4.0 works with max 2008 but 4.1 doesn’t.

    Does anyone have problems running it on 2008 32bit?

  8. MAX Design 2009 x86
    It’s nice to find out a version with a crack running, but next time you don’t have to wait for someone to crack PolyBoost for you…. get the CheatEngine software (www.cheatengine.org) and you can quickly authorize it by scanning and then looking into the memory addresses that are searching for the proper authorization code.
    I’ve been usig it since PB 2.0 and never got a problem.
    An advice: once you have PB running go to PB Options and uncheck the box “Check for updates on startup”

  9. Problem.
    3ds max 2009 64bit
    Installed PB without any problems at all. Ran it the first time and it worked without problems. The next time, I run Max again and the script doesn’t run. I have to re-install it again to be able to use it.
    Does anyone have any ideas on how to fix this?
    Appreciated. Thank you.

  10. How to make the PB always running when I run Max 2009 64bit? Thank you and appreciated.

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