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26 comments on “ – 3ds Max 2009 Beyond the Basics

  1. Does anyone have any other links than RS? because it’s very slow…
    And thanks for the tutorial

  2. It seems that i can’t open the file 3ds Max 2009 Beyond the Basics? any else had the same problems.

  3. Before anything, thank you very much for youthe great effort to upload such a great title :)
    I also have the same problem.
    I opened the first file using Winrar “however, winRar doesn’t recognize it” and unzipped some file while there were two corrupted files.

    Can you please us how we can unzip it.

    Thank you in advance :)

  4. for joining parts need to use a software called “hjsplit”
    google it!
    remember when you see an extension like 001… 002 – 010
    you need this software

  5. You can simply use to extract the files.

    Has the DVD UI suffered any changes?

  6. Thanks CGP, First when I tried to extract it with Winrar it kept give me error in the first part. After using HJSplit, it extracted perfectly without any errors at all…

  7. What happend with the good old RAR separate volumes ?!?!?
    Why using 2 softwares for two things, when you can use winrar for all.

  8. Thanks a lot for sharing. But why is that there is no exercise file in it?

  9. Thank you so much for the share. It would have been better if there were exercise files.

  10. thanks cpg, i remoted links to
    all files here

  11. how do u unzip the file? what programe do we need? cant open it with winrar.
    need help pleeeeeeeese.
    tanx for sharing.

  12. O primeiro arquivo: esta conrrompido…

    Please Up :

  13. nevermind I had problem extracting on linux, 7zip on windows did the job.

    Not good when windows does something ok and linux doesn’t

  14. Hello, thanks for the tutorial, but can you help me i cant descomprese it, i use 7zip and at the end is caming an error, and with the HJSplit, i open it and put join after the end everything looks ok but when i tryed to open the .rar an error is caming again.
    Please can someone help me


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