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69 comments on “ADOBE CREATIVE SUITE 4

  1. my PS just downloaded and I installed it!
    it was working by the keygen on the main post!
    WOW! great thing it is! :D the rotate tool is so great! I like it!
    tnx to all, :)

  2. …hi there…adobe “trial trick” looks like not working anymore…possible???
    it always send me to:

    any cut/paste of the list below…

    thx in advice!

  3. hi there…the “trial trick” doesn’t works to me…any link i cut/paste after loggin in on (done the soundbooth login trial etcetc)..but….he always send me @

    i’m the only?!


  4. hi there, i have a problem…the “trial trick” doesn’t work to me…after logging in @ any link i paste send me to:

    ..any advice?? thx

    but seems it’s alil slow in performance (I mean when you draw a line with brush and with a tablet)
    anyone have the same experiment?!

  6. seems adobe closed the backdoor right?
    any other way to download the trials?!

  7. Backdoor seems to have been closed..

    Anyone has any ideas?

    What was the size of the Master Collection?

  8. Adobe Creative Suite 4 Master Collection: 6.92 GB

    Adobe Creative Suite CS4 Master Collection – Extra Content:

    Part 1:
    Part 2:
    Part 3:

  9. Blocking only allows 90 days of operation. After 90 days, “License is expired” is reported and programs don’t launch.

  10. I’m pretty sure my solution can run forever and even if its not perfect, it is quite good imho:

    you can use the master collection on a trial basis, and if you want to reset the days left, you can enter a key from the keygen and then deactivate and erase the serial number… and your trial can then run for 30 more days!

  11. hey guys, this one works perfectly:

    found it on demonoid.

  12. I have joined the dmg file of Extra Content and I have tried to open… but it doesnt work. Is it only for mac?

  13. greetings to U all, nice job you`re doing…despite one little detail, part 1 in rapidshare has been deleted…could you please set another link to download…thans

  14. keygen not work more 1 years,

  15. so, this is how to fix the cs4 master collection “ask for password every time” problem ..
    windows users:
    0. make sure you use one of the x-force serial number generators first to enter in a serial number =]
    1. go to: C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc
    2. copy the “host” file onto your desktop and open it with notepad
    3. add this line at the very bottom of the file and save it (on the desktop)
    4. copy it, and replace it with the old one in C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc

  16. Adobe? Creative Suite? 4 Production Premium
    working serial number:
    previous crack linked above:
    not worked for me
    this one works fine:

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