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20 comments on “Digital Tutors – Introduction to Modeling in 3ds Max

  1. awesome, more of digital tutors for 3dsmax plx :D
    PEACE & LOVE from Israel !!

  2. what about the introduction in mental ray anyone has a link there?..

  3. found this new site and i think its great, hope it will last last, my graphics resource before didint…thanks…

  4. Hi, for Digital Tutors – Introduction to mental ray in 3ds Max, there are the links:

  5. Here is another good one, have to register to actually see code / hide mode in the forums (links). It just about has everything you’ll need; movies, programs, books, games, etc.

  6. Doh

    Not to say CG Persia sucks …. this site is sweet and it is my first stop before hitting any other site … a few times a day.

  7. dont wanna sound stupid or anything, but after downloading it, and watching it,
    i see its only CD1 out of 2 CDs… can it be only the first CD out of 2??

  8. does anyone have three bonus movies for Introduction to Modeling in 3ds Max?

    Introduction to Modeling in 3ds Max

    1. Adding materials to the knife
    2. Setting up a simple UV map
    3. Adding a logo with a Blend material

  9. are there any new links for these training videos the links up top are dead.


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