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Terragen 2 beta

TG2 features an advanced hybrid micropolygon renderer with powerful multi-angle displacement capabilities. It has a versatile procedural engine that can be utilised to apply subpixel-level detail to almost any aspect of a scene. Terragen 2 is capable of rendering billions of polygons in a single scene.

At the heart of TG2 is a cutting-edge 3D renderer. It is capable of rendering surfaces with extreme procedural displacement and produces images and animations with production quality anti-aliasing and motion blur. Procedural, image-based or object-based shaders can build complex surfaces from simple objects, relying on the renderer’s adaptive subdivision algorithms to dynamically adjust to extreme stretching and creasing.

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Cartoon Smart Blender Basics 1
This two hour tutorial will give brand-new Blender users a comprehensive introduction to working in a 3D environment. Even if you’ve never used a 3D program before you’ll feel at ease in no time. Alter a 40-minute introduction, the course focuses on how to model and shade the character above!

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