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In this course, you will learn to draw cities and landscapes in Flash. Lesson one teachs many background illustration fundamentals, like 1,2 and 3 point perspective. Lesson two takes things futher with 5 point and curvilinear perspective, focusing mostly on city-type scenes. Lesson three covers non-perspective situations, like rocks, plants, mountains and layering a scene to create a looping animated background.


Cartoon Smart-Blender Materials And Textures

This video course teaches Texture Mapping ,Image Mapping, UV Mapping,
Painting Surfaces , Mirroring & Transparencies ,Surface Reflections, Atmospheric
Shading & Lighting, Cloudiness Fog, Particle Emitters, Creating Strands, Combing
Particle Systems, Random Texture & Color Variations

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Cartoon Smart Blender Basics 1
This two hour tutorial will give brand-new Blender users a comprehensive introduction to working in a 3D environment. Even if you’ve never used a 3D program before you’ll feel at ease in no time. Alter a 40-minute introduction, the course focuses on how to model and shade the character above!

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