10 comments on “Blender Basic Video Tutorials

  1. Torrent please……………………
    Rapid share is good when U have a prem. account.


  2. hey:
    this is a great stuff.
    I?ve never learned to used because of the blender?s interface
    It was so hard to manage.
    This way icould have plenty of hands on this amazing software

  3. thnx for this post, but you can download the tuts also on the blender web site without waiting on rapidshare


  4. Here is a link to a downloading program’s web site:
    with wich, you can download several rapidshare links in an unattended way, I find it very reliable.

  5. These videos are free to download in the blender page http://www.blender.org

  6. you can download these from blenders website in the Education section.

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