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31 comments on “CrazyBump 1.05 + Trialreset crack

  1. Ah danio987, I just checked my traffic logs, and noticed you were trying to find me on irc, but seems like my irc bot killed itself unsetting the channel redirect from #cgp to #cg.
    Anyhow, I fixed that, so trying again would work :)

    • No problem, thank you for the approval for the post.
      I have a question. Does the irc channel work in mirc? If so, which sever I should be connected to?

  2. The crack works so far. Perhaps you must adjust the location to both folders “licensecb” in the batch, depending on your operating system.

    But, eventually this works better:

    Install the application. Then set your system date to a date in the future, ex. February 12th, 2011. Launch the application one time. Then change the date back to the present date. Now when you start the application, it says: “This demo will expire in 759 days.”

    Don’t know if it will really run now for 759 days or still expire after 30 days. But it’s worth a try.

    And, block cp.exe in your firewall, just in case…

    • it doesn’t work, trust me!
      The Time what is showing is a fake, CB still need a Licensekey after 30 dayz. Just use the batch i did and spread it around too… and crazy happy bumping.

      • Yes, you are right. The thing with the date trick does not work. After one day it starts asking for al license. But the batch still works fine, after adjusting the path to the licensecb under Windows Vista.

  3. None of the mentioned workflow work for me (I’m now in a 32 bit) Always ask me for a license key to enter and doesn’t start the application.

    • try this batch lines:

      erase “%USERPROFILE%\Local Settings\Application Data\licensecb\data”
      erase “C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\licensecb\data”
      regedit /s CrazyBumpLicenceremove.reg
      @ECHO OFF

      • I’ve already tried to point to the right path the batch file, but still asking for the key.
        The link to the exe you’ve posted does’nt allow me the download.

        It’s not a big problem because I’ve bought months ago the ShaderMap Pro that is cheap, usefull and great program with a lot of updates.
        It was only to try this Crazy Bump.

        • run the .REG & .BAT both BEFORE you start CB, the it will work.

          You can go to the folders manualy and delete both of the “data” files, also you can go to the registry entry and delet the key manualy as well.

  4. here is the final batch file.

    win x32 users: copy “cb_start.exe” to c:\program files\CrazyBump
    win x64 users: copy “cb_start.exe” to c:\program files (x86)\CrazyBump

    create a shortcut to “cb_start.exe” on desktop (or whereever), it will set the 30 Dayz Trialperiode automaticly everytime you start cb_start.exe back to 30 Dayz in silent mode.

    erase “%USERPROFILE%\Local Settings\Application Data\licensecb\data”
    erase “%ALLUSERSPROFILE%\Application Data\licensecb\data”
    regedit /s CrazyBumpLicenceremove.reg

  5. there’s a legal cheep programm, doing pretty much the same job:
    its only 20 bucks. :P.. for the COMMERCIAL license.
    and if you’ve done some work with it upload it to ;)

    keep it up! great stuff!

  6. Apologies,could you please retyp the link.
    Have copied and pasted and am getting an error
    from rapidshare. It appears something is hidden
    on my screen after word crac….
    Thank you.

  7. The only way I have found to successfully defeat the CB software protections is by using “Advanced uninstaller” and I have been doing so successfully for at least six months.

    Use the monitor to log the install, An when necessary complete uninstall and reinstall again.

    The only catch is that it won’t work if you have pre-existing registry entries from an expired CB install…. It will work on newer versions of the sotware even if you have used up a trial period on a previous version.

  8. Hey dudes…. can u help me?, i can?t open the file…. i?ll should open with winzip? it dosn?t work to open it.

    If u know something about my problem pls answer to my mail., i?m using 3DS MAX 2009 in Vista 64bit,

    Thanks a lot!

  9. I dont understand, what you all talk?
    new batch or reg or old crack ??

    please clear help me.

  10. hi the link is removed from rshare

    can we have reuploaded ??


  11. crack:


  12. WTF? O.k., so I downloaded everything, including the latest batch file.

    Installed Crazy bump, run the registry and start.bat and then the new CB_Start.

    Now I got a blank shortcut on my desktop that’s not a shortcut and cannot be moved or deleted. What gives?

  13. If you’re unable to crack CrazyBump 1.101 do what following:

    Uninstall it
    download CB setup version 1.105 instead
    Crack it old way
    Don’t update (!)

    Happy normalmapping everyone

  14. Thank jebus! just realized my demo expired today and i thought i was screwed until i found this post. Thanks for saving me from normal mapping hell!

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