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19 comments on “Creating Onyx Vegetation

  1. only the sound is visible. doesnt work with vlc, media player classic and windows media player, even after having installed the codec provided.

      • YEAH, THAT WAS REALLY FUNNY, to say the least.

        By the way, does anyone here have the new grass thing from them?

  2. Has anyone got that video to work???
    Just about impossible with xp. :(


    • yes, you can download the same video from the original site, but that doesn’t help to play it.

      With that level of professionalism for a free video, I’ll never buy anything from that site!

  4. install the codec called g2m_codec.exe, this codec is in the compressed archive.

    and after play the video!!!!

    I played the video correctly!

    My computer is running Vista SP1 and play then with windows media player

    Sorry for my english, I am spanish

  5. Yes brothers, the codec plays the vid very well, I played it in M P Classic. No issues whatsoever.

    Anyways, if anybody gets his hands on the grass, please put it here.

    • thanks, but are you running vista?

      I’m under XP and can play just about everything but this video. I installed the codec, but it doesn’t run under windows xp 32.

      can anyone confirm he got this working with WINDOWS XP ??? :( ???

      • hmmmm,

        I am actually running the latest (WIN 7), so dunno if XP has nay problems with it……

  6. For all the trouble to get the thing to play…it was one little fart in the wind.
    The guy starts with a tree and can’t get the prog to work the way he thinks it should so he quits and goes to something else. I said, “That’s exactly what happens to me Butthead!”

    This webinar is a complete waste of time and download…nothing in it at all that a complete noob couldn’t learn themselves in 10 min of messing around with the programs…

    Worse than that, it’s a terrible example to use for promotion of their programs…what where they thinking to release this??? LOL!

  7. “This webinar is a complete waste of time and download?nothing in it at all that a complete noob couldn?t learn themselves in 10 min of messing around with the programs?” (2)
    It is true. I was hoping to see a realistic tree, but I saw one guy lost in the program.
    I am still wondering if onyx is able to make one realistic tree.

  8. is theres anyone who can give a password in the onyxwebinar i cant extract the RAR file how can i used this if there is a password on it…
    please… help!

  9. This guy talks too much…! But I appreciate his efforts. Thanks for the post.

  10. hmmmmm…. onyx plugins are very remarkable ive used it in some of my projects! thnks for sharing it, by the way is theres anyone of you guys who can post onyxgGRASS so i can download it.
    i saw it on its website it soooo…. awesome please! kindly share it for us..

    visit the site to find great stuffs free !!!!!!!!!!

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