14 comments on “CEBAS FINAL DOF/Flares V1.5 FOR 3DS MAX 2010 (32/64bit)

  1. Thanks immortal900, good to see some posts coming along again. It was like a ghost site there for a while.

  2. @mephiz… “Every 3ds max conform renderer with full support of layered G-Buffer channels can benefit of the immense render power of finalDOF”

  3. [center][b]| DF | 22.58 | MB |[/b][/center]

    [b]Download from depositfiles:[/b] [leech=http://depositfiles.com/files/26iln5ei1
    ]скачать с depositfiles.com[/leech]

  4. Can anyone help me with the crack..?!! Im always stuck.. I have followed the steps correctly.
    Am using 3ds Max(x86) on a 64bit Vista.
    I also used the user authorisation thing. When I imported the License,, it says, license copied, dynamic reload failed.
    And when I start thinking particle in 3ds Max, it would say license not,, or sometimes when it works,, it tells me to setup the IP pass and host,, but always get a retry..
    Any help??

  5. The links that immortal has given works perfectly,, but it has virus on it!! So you have to disable your antivirus during the cracking progress.. It worked for me.

    PM: Run everything as Administrator just to make sure.


  6. Can someone explain haw to install it, when it say request a file using personal infos , witch one and haw, I’m stuck!!

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