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43 comments on “Luxology modo 401 build 31381 (win32/64bit)

  1. hmmm I don’t know for you but when I start it it says me content not found and redirect me to their webpage pr download something, is it normal?thx

    • You have to install the content separately:
      Unlike the modo301 setup, the modo401 setup only contends the base.

    • i have a question i downloaded modo 401, i extracted the files to run the install, the was one extract that was just a folder called contents i ran the setup within it. After that there was one more extract called data 1, when i extracted it there were a total of 1.85gb of files which i have no clue what they are? Can anyone help me? What are these files?

  2. Hollie Molie Miss Fizolie……



  3. I think this maybe a good thing….
    Where as you don’t have your hard drive filled up with unwanted item.
    just get what you need and put it in your own content database.
    I always found it better anyhow to just build your own data base compatible with a wide variety of applications.

  4. modo is the most hyped app out there.
    Nothing in ti works as advertised.
    Its modling workflow is backwards following lightwave 3d methodology
    and its displacement painting doesn’t work on all computers and crashes the entire app rather frequently
    Its painting abilities is no where near bodypaint3d or even deep paint 3d
    its animation is nothing more than flyby cameras and mechanical animation for solidworks users.
    its rendering and material setup is slow and unintuitive.
    everything about this app sucks badly and whats worst its not at all stable by any means. it depends entirely on hype to sell.
    any 3d anumation software surpass it in every way especially 3ds max 2010.
    oh well. luxology should just be a marketing company since they can sell such a worthless app to so many people.

    • OH, really by who?
      People who actually use it?

      Are you calling Modo users stupid, saying they buy things they do not know?

      No wonder most here ignores you.

    • Go on then, use all those stuff you listed. Budget’s not a problem for you, right? Or maybe, since you can get all of them for free anyway, you also feel free to treat them as worthless disposable?

      Grow up kid. Learn to appreciate, for your life’s sake.

    • Modeling in Modo is truly enjoyable, and it’s interface is really slick and a pleasure to use. But besides that, everything you say is absolutely true. Texturing is like learning Klingon, and the paint tools are mysteryous to get started and crash randomly. I am terribly bothered by the fact that Luxology introduces new features without fixing the terrible bugs, just like they did when they were in charge of Lightwave.

      I model in LW most of the time, and if you get some plugins, LW is the finest modeler out there in my humble opinion. I use MODO when I know there is some feature in it that LW doesn’t have, but generally, there’s plenty that LW can do that MODO simply hasn’t grown enough to be able to do.

  5. You want the content dvd for the materials and everything else–otherwise you got nothing. DL the content dvd from demonoid or some other torrent –the speed will be far greater than what you get from the luxology servers or from rapidshare, plus you won’t have to wait 15 mins between files.

  6. For the real deal xforce keygen go here:

  7. I actually like this small size installer.
    But was wondering what’s there in the content except the video tutorials and all. I can’t find the new material library, is that part of the content.

    Could some one upload the materials library alone from the content. That would be really helpful .

  8. Install modo. Install content disc. All materials show up in a left-hand window when u xclick RENDER tab.

    • the only thing I have found:
      -Flamingo 2 for Rhino 4 :

      • thanks, but I intended Rhino translator Modo

        • can’t find it but if I found something interesting for rhino I’ll post it :)

        • Try this:
          Last post on the page. The closest i could find. Happy translating!

          btw it’s free for registered users (302, probably 401 as well) so…

  9. does anyone know a way to register on the luxology website so i’ll be able to download the online assets?
    apperently you get a serial number from ofline resselers wich is needed to register for online asset download, but i cannot seem to find anything online.
    much apreciated for any kind of help.

    • The nice kind of help:
      Registering on the Lux’s website is free. Some content obviously need to be paid for download. If you had paid/bought a legal copy/license you really should ask them directly about your problem (as this is ultimately the wrong place to ask for that)…

      The satire kind of help:
      …Otherwise what would you expect? Rip them off right from their servers? How mean… =)

  10. x-force license file not working. Get message that license invalid.

  11. Great! Thank you…but I also need modo 401 rhino translator plugin….does anyone have the download?

  12. I still dont see a clear answer to the original problem…
    I have installed modo 401, my keygen worked perfectly, but im still getting
    the “content not found Error”.
    I have all the content that i already downloaded, but i dont know how to get modo to use it.
    tryed dropping the folder in the the Modo directory, but it doesnt work….
    any ideas????

  13. Well Dean, maby you should take another look in the content folder. There’s an installer there…

  14. I downloaded both of the files from Rapidshare, unzipped the first file (the programme) with no problem. However I cannot extract the second file which I assume is the Key Generator? I have downloaded the file three times now with the same result each time. Though the software installs correctly it of course finds no license information and therefore will not run fully. Any advice welcome please.

  15. Your antivirus might block the file… make a scan of the archive to see what It says…

  16. hi everyone,

    i’ve downloaded modo 401 sp2 but i can’t find a keygen for it, and my licence is expired!!

    does anyone have a link to a valid licence for 401 sp2?


    there is the mac version

    but can anyone teach me how should i install the content?
    i cant find the way to fix the problem!!
    thx to all!!

  18. Note to Mac-users:

    Modo 401 sp3/sp4 didn’t accept license under OS/X 10.6 (Snow Leopard) as generated by XForce keygen (Modo said: “Invalid license …” upon importing it at launch time.

    I manually copied the license file “modo31381.lic” into
    “[user-dir]/Library/Application Support/Luxology”

    Modo then started and ran nicely.

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