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  1. I’m running 3DS Max 2010 Design 64bit on Vista Ultimate x64.

    When installing, the correct version of 3DS Max isn’t picked automatically, so I have to now only pick it but show it where to install. Then after all of that, when I start 3DS Max….it’s not there. It’s not being recognized.

    If I might be doing something wrong or whatever it may be…let me know now. Have you installed it? On what version of Max? What were your install steps?

    • I did not install on vista but I don’t know if it works with design…
      Did you reboot after installin ipclamp?

      • Ok I found what was up.

        For the x64 version you have to just direct the installer to the Install folder of 3DS Max. I thought I had to send it to the plugin folder.

        As a note….ThinkingParticles is having a bit of a glitch. It installs correctly, but the menus and things like that are glitching and words aren’t where they should be.

  2. Final Shaders sp3 2010 max (xforce)

    • Does this have the chm file?
      If so has anyone installed to find the help file will not open in Max?

  3. Download from depositfiles http://depositfiles.com/files/az6zto9bj.rar

    • Does this have the chm file. I have installed and reinstalled many of these and cannot find the chm file.
      Anyone else having this trouble?

      Thank You


    • I did, for doing so, I ran ipclamp and the keygen as admin and it worked

  4. This thing sure seems to result in a huge amount of random errors when assigning materials.

    • Hello I found the 2010 Cebas plugins including finaltoon here:

      enjoy xD

  5. “Thanks for the post!
    Anyone have the Final toon for max 2010? ”

    I second that 😀

  6. I can’t figure out how to install any cebas products here. It says to request a file using persoanl infos, how and witch file? anyone a a result with the keygen , I have 3dsmax 2010 btw. Thnaks if anyone can help, all the product activate the same way!!!

  7. Im am not finding the renderer on the assign renderer. How do I call cebas on max 2010? I already installed and licenced correctly the product but the render doesn´t appear to me. Is it because of previus versions?

  8. @Christhopher

    In ipclamp you fill your info, add key and press request and save it somwhere, in kg you you add that file to a field under key, and in 3rd field you select a place to save a licence file , then in ipclamp you import that file in licences

    @immortal900 or any one that could help me

    Does anyone else has a problem rendering flat mirror(max material) or toon flat mirror? All the time it is either not correctly aligned or i have leftovers from rendering stage, when using flat mirror with default or mental ray do not have this problem (applying same way )

    Could anyone clue me what is wrong??

    Also cebas released R3 and volumebreaker so be on the lookout for version for general public 😉

  9. Regarding the IP-Clamp problem !
    “A licence server could not be found, please check network/cable/hostname/ip/port.”
    “licence copied, dynamic reload failed”
    “network cable not found”
    “licence server error”

    The same problem occured on my computer and I had a hard time to find a solution for this cause. It took my a few days to find a real solution. Finally I’ve found out, that all depends on the network settings and the sequence in which you install your programs and the Ip-clamp application.

    To give you an idea…
    If you install Zonealarm and afterwards Ip-clamp, then Zonealarm blocks Ip-clamp, even if you are expressly allow Zonealarm that ip-clamp may act as a server (I did it this way but I wasn’t sucessfull). But if you install Ip-clamp first and secondly Zonealarm afterwards, Ip-clamp will not be blocked (!), because the firewall Zonealarm will automatically detect the current settings for the Ip-clamp application and allow it to act as server.

    Neatless to say that uninstalling Zonealarm is not a solution for the cause of the problem. These settings are so deep in the registry engraved, that uninstalling Zonealarm or another Firewall will not solve the Ip-clamp problem. I suggest that this is the original of the problem that blocks ip-clamp to act as server. Your firewall is simply to suspicious and meant it to good to you 🙁

    What can you learn here ?
    If you have a firewall installed, forget it ! You may try to uninstall it and try to start Ip-clamp sucessfully, but I will not believe, that this will solve the Ip-clamp misbehaviour. Try it, but do not expect that this will really work !

    How did I solve this problem ?
    I have made a brand new XP Installation, adjusted all drivers and system settings, installed all my applications (office 2007, adobe suite, ect…) and at the end I made an image with Drive Image (before I installed a fireall and ip-clamp). Afterwards I installed IP-clamp 1.2, rebooted and installed my firewall Zonealarm. Now everything runs perfect, no misbehavior ect…

    I tried it vice versa as confirmation (good to work with images). First I installed the Firewall and afterwards Ip-clamp. Result… “licence copied, dynamic reload failed” ! Did I mention that it is good to operate with backups 🙂 !

    Sorry to say that, but if you intend to solve the problem, setup a new system, install install Ip-clamp and then afterwards (finally at the end) your firewall. This should really work ! In my case it really works…

    I hope that this report may support all people which facing the same problem with the damned Ip-clamp shit ! Thank you Cebas, It took long to fix that server problem which your ipclamp application was causing…

    And isn’t that true… earnest buyers of FR are mistreated and the crackers have always found a solution ! Make a fair price and a good support and the people will buy it.

  10. Well if anyone is facing problem installing Final render in 3d max 2010 in win 7. Here is the solution how to install final render in 3d max 2010.

    Step 1
    First, install final render (32bit or 64 bit) in the following path.
    C:\Program Files\Autodesk\3d max 2010

    Step 2
    Now Install other plugins of final render like Final toon etc in the foresaid path.

    Step 3
    Now install the ipclamp.

    Step 4
    After installing the ipclamp. Stop the final render server through task manager. And make it sure that you have to stop the final render server for all the users and you can easily do that by clicking the Show processes for all users button or link being displayed at the bottom of the task manager.

    Step 5
    Now run the XF-IPClamp as administrator. (Right click on the XF-IPClamp and choose run as administrator)

    Step 6
    Click on the Gen Licence Code button on the XF-IPClamp. After that click the crack button and assign the follwing path.
    c:\Program Files\cebas\ip-clamp and press ok after that.
    After that you’ll get a message,close it and restart your computer.

    Step 7
    After restarting the computer run the final render server.

    Step 8
    Now run XF-IPClamp (keygen) and IP-Clamp.exe as the administrator only.

    Step 9
    Now go to the Request menu of the the IP-Clamp.exe and put your details in the required fields. In the Licence code, copy and paste the code from the keygen and click the add button. After putting all the details select the network adapter listed below and click the request button. After that save your request in the following path.

    c:\Users\Public\Public Documents\cebas

    Step 10
    Now go to the keygen which you have run earlier in the 8th step.

    Step 11
    In the, Insert request file path assign it to the file which you have saved in the step 9th .

    Step 12
    Now in the next option(Specify licence file output path) again put the path of step 9th. And press generate.

    Step 13
    Now again go to the IP-Clamp.exe and press the Licences menu and import the licence from the following path.
    c:\Users\Public\Public Documents\cebas

    Hey you have just successfully install the Final Render. cheers 🙂

  11. hi there
    I Installed the full pack on my windows seven 64bits for 3ds max 2010 64bits but when I assign the renderer after about 30 sec this error appears:
    Internal error (10)
    I tried everything… even testing on win vista 32 bit for 32 bit 3dsmax.
    & there is the same error!!!

    What can I do guys.. plz help me!

    • same problem here… I can make one render, and after that that message appears.. and after that I can’t render, nor see materials in material editor..
      any idea?

  12. MY problem is :
    on the keygen , when i click CRACK on the keygen and browse it into the ip-clamp folder, i have this message :

    Cannot open files!
    Please close licence manager:

    Evrything is closed except the keygen generator, and it still appears.
    Windows Vista x64.
    crazyosachou@hotmail.com (my email)
    thx for any help.

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  14. i have problem i have installed cebas final shader in win64 but my 3dsmax is 32bit.. the problem is when i open my matrial box in max it gives an error saying “failed to initialize flayer.dlt” please help

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