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110 comments on “SITNI SATI 3DSMAX 2010 PLUGINS (32/64bit) *UPDATE* (new fumefx 1.2d)

  1. For some reason my 3dsmax crashes after i simulate few frames with fumefx, happens with 2009 and 2010 versions.

  2. I can’t get FumeFX 1.2d (or the older one) registered. Has anyone the same problem and a solution? Thanks!

  3. hi OS windows 7 64bit.fumeFx not working 3ds max 2010 32bit.
    this is error image.
    pls help me

    • I’m having the same problem like shaki_zto
      I tryed many ways to install Fume Fx 1.2d and up to now… It’s not working.

      My Pc: Win7 64bits with 3Ds Max2010 32bits.
      pls somebody help

  4. I installed the updated FumeFX 1.2d the one that says new. Now I get a File Error, Is anyone else getting the following error when opening 3ds max 2010:

    Could not open FumeFX.ini for writing. Global preferences will not be saved.

    If you are or did can you tell me how to fix it..Please?
    Everything else has worked great

    • Is it possible this is caused by not having Thinking Particles Installed?

        • I did that Still giving me the same thing I assume I shall try try removing it and reinstall again and see what happens:(
          Thank You for your helpful idea


          • For some strange reasons it would be pretty odd for that to happen but check FumeFX.ini and make sure it is not read-only

            It is not caused by not having Thinking Particles Installed, for that you would get a dll error/missing when starting max

    • Having the same problem atm.
      Seem the plugin is looking for the ini file at the wrong place (at ‘program files/autodesk…’ insted of ‘program/autodesk..’ which is the default around here anyway.
      No idea how to correct this crap though so if anybody have a clue I’d appreciate a pointer in the right direction

  5. Installer txt file says for scatter vl pro that I should select manual authorization but there is no manual button, any tips ?


  6. Same with enlight, dont need it but wanted to try to see if crack worked….

  7. authorization page can not stay for 1 second it’s popup “Navigation to the webpage was canceled” what is the problem i am not getting it. pls help me….

    • Hey Anand,
      i had that same problem one time, try to look for a file IE8Compatible_DCPFLICS_Components on google.
      i think is a compatibility issue with the dcpflics crap.

  8. i have a problem with the serial number. its saying ?your request code has been copied to the clipboard?. Im running 3ds max 2010 64bit as administrator but still having problems.

    anybody knows what to do or can sombody share a serial number please

    thanks in advance :)

  9. I have windows 32 bit. Problems with enlight )) sometimes it says
    “You have entered an incorrect authorization code.without a proper code, plugin will not work.” sometimes “License does not exists”. I do everything step by step as written in installation text document. plz help with your advise. Thks.

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