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In this course we will build a stylized super-computer in 3ds Max.
When building props and set pieces, even those of the more simplified variety, it’s sometimes difficult to know where to start. It’s also a challenge to create models that have a consistent visual style, not only within themselves, but with the characters and other props that inhabit that environment. In this course we will use the modeling tools in Max to build a cartoony super-computer. We’ll explore modeling tools like connect edges, bevel, and extrude as well as spline-based tools that will allow us to build some of the different pieces of the model. In addition, we’ll learn to use modifiers to achieve a cartoony, stylized look. Upon completion, you’ll be able to start building up your own stylized props and set pieces to enhance the 3d worlds you create.

Lesson Outline (12 lessons)
1. Introduction and Project Overview
2. Building the computer base
3. Adding the computer monitor
4. Building the power nodes
5. Modeling the keyboard and base
6. Adding the lever controls
7. Building the power cylinders
8. Modeling the control panel base
9. Adding the joystick
10. Building the buttons
11. Adding electricity
12. Adding materials to the computer