33 comments on “MultiScatter v1.1.09 For 3DsMAX 2009 – 2012 x64

  1. Is it working ok with the last version of vray that you guys released?

  2. Thank you again, CG Blogger! Although the freakshare & bitshare files are both down.

  3. in Max 2011 64 bit get an error ,” impossible to find..” how it works? do I nedd to copy only the .dlo?

    • Perhaps in heaven you’ll find Him, if you´ve been a good boy on earth!

  4. using “normal bump” in bump slot will generate error. So, check your materials for using “normal bump”, specialy ArchModels

  5. MultiScatter v1.1.09 For 3Ds MAX 2009, 2011, 2012 x64

  6. What about Vray 2.20.02 ???

    Still don’t work whit that version, too?

    Nowadays this plug-in becomes a must-have for quality rendering… I will not update Max, Vray and SolidRocks if Multiscatter isn’t available yet!!!

  7. i use vray 2.00.03 . it said that vray doe not support this version of Multiscater!! Help me what version of Multiscater should i use?
    tell me!
    I am in need.

  8. i m using vray 2.10.01 . it said that vray does not support this version of Multiscatter!! Help me what version of Multiscater should i use?
    tell me!
    plz plz need it urgently for one of my project :((

  9. its not installing on 3dsmax design 2011, even after applying crack it gives error when loadin 3ds max. Any help????

  10. works just fine with vray 2.20.02!
    No ERROR messages when starting the program or when rendering. No missing .dlo
    the turbobit link works.

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