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  1. Thanks Xforce.
    Can you please make new keygen for Shave & Haircut for Maya?

    • you make it yourself, otherwise stop asking it will come when its ready

  2. what is that?
    I’m asking becouse I downloaded zbrush 4r2 b and there were a lot of bugs width the program.

  3. Confirmed working? save/export? bugs? id like to know before I dl

    • are you stupid or are you stupid, it’s xforce dumb ass, not some forum crackers trying to use xforces old crack.

      • meda4, is it that special time of the month, huh?

        1. there has been issues with earlier releases of zbrush (save/export among one of them) so i think this question is kind of valid, even if it’s a release by xforce.
        Why would you think that doooju or any one else had scoped out all the release groups and compared their skills in advance to make sure that this was a working release?
        are you really that ignorant or are you just so angry about your life that you need to bitch about every little question people post?
        if so, i suggest you see someone about it rather than making the rest of our lives suck even more!

        2. “somebody” was just asking and did so politely.
        … unlike your respons.

        so please do us all a favor and get off the Internet.

  4. I download the torrent file, but there is no seeds! Am I missing something?

  5. It’s a good program, but Zbrush R2 is better.
    Crashes a lot wen you use it maximun.

  6. If it crashes when you export, it is because you didn’t properly read the first dialog where it says “READ BEFORE YOU INSTALL”. Basically before you install 4R2b you need to deactive your copy of Zbrush. I believe there is one more step as well.

    I’ve had the same problem so I completely uninstalled and reinstalled clean, this time paying close attention to each screen before I clicked next. Works just as good as 4R2 now. No more loosing hours of work.

    Good Luck!

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  8. This release work fine on Seven with nVidia 460!
    It’s a stable working fine release, saving and exporting with no problems or crashes.
    You must extract Zbrushupgrade in program directory and install it. It,s noT important deactivate your zbrushR4.2 if you don’t upgrade from Pixologic website (for registered user).It’s necessary upgrade to R4.2b from your program directory; best disconnect from netwhen you upgrade.
    Thanks Xforce!

  9. Everything is working just fine. But then i’v rendered out normal map, and tried to export it out, i’v got that popup window: “u can’t do it in demo version, plz, get full version”. WTF!

    • I’v just figured it out. Well, i have to apologize for the post. The error was of some other release. This one is just perfect. Sorry! And thanks!

  10. Hi guys, you have done a good job and has helped me a lot with your posts.

    I’m having a problem with the keygen, I click and it does not open, if somebody can help me, thank you very much. :)

  11. I downloaded it installed it yet the Zbrush does not accept the key code generated by keygen. Does anyone know why ?

  12. I did have the same problem: Zbrush does not accept the key code generated by keygen!!!

  13. I have a problem… ZBrush runs automaticly without asking me for any Activation o.o Can I do it also manuely somehow or have I donw something wrong o.o

  14. Ok now that Iv fixed the problem with the Keygen somehow, ZBrush crashes whenever I try to save something. Its Impossible to work thatway so please someone give me advise to fix this bug

  15. ZBrush 4R3 Upgrader X-Force (100% working)
    http:// letitbit .net/download/59017.5a7ce4bf4aa17f23b1d8707caf78/4R3-iks-force.part1.rar.html
    http:// letitbit .net/download/11347.1887cc52de8a2f5fb82f10cfad00/4R3-iks-force.part2.rar.html
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  16. AM I WRONG OR DOES THIS LINK U POSTED {http://freakshare.com/folder/155389/b6ef6ee.html)HAS 2 PARTS MISSING AND THE OTHER 2 ARE DEAD

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