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  1. I suggest to download Autodesk Revit 2013 http://usa.autodesk.com/revit/trial/,

    which contains Architecture 2013, MEP 2013 and Structure 2013

    fix is here http://www4.zippyshare.com/v/19532522/file.html

  2. and you mr.CG Blocker, you should use some free-user friendly hosts, there are lot of them…

  3. please hotmail, rapidshare, oron, depositfiles, mediafire, etcc.. torrent..


  4. Apperantly Dvd 2 is missing.
    During the setup it requires dvd 2 which isn’t in there.
    Does anybody have them?

  5. “please insert the disc: Revit architecture 2013”


  6. this crack XFORCE 2013 not working properly this could someone help me?

  7. did someone installed??????????? “please insert the disc: Revit architecture 2013″ message….

  8. for those who can not install it: extract the iso content on hard disk, and install from there

  9. Thanks for the link … 🙂
    But can I have the uploder user & password to download it ??Coz turbobit & freakshare is not sharing any file anymore ..
    Thanks ..

  10. hi, i just installed revit 2013. i donno how, bud i did these steps :
    1. Copy all the contents of ISO in your hard disk.
    2. got to : “Utilities\SDK” and extract revitSDK.exe in the same folder.
    3. install all the 3rdparty folder seperately.
    4. install the revit itself from your hard disk

    keygen works fine!

    I installed it this way and works fine for me!

  11. installation either requesting REVIT CD
    or stuck on ‘getting content’.

  12. okay guys, try disconnecting your network in addition
    to ISO extracting. this should work, thanks for sharing

  13. …can somebody please up ONLY the keygens 32 + 64 bit
    1000 * thanks

  14. keygen x32/x64


  15. My problem was solved. Just follow these steps:

    1) Open the iso with DAEMON Tools Lite;
    2) Copy all files to a folder on the hard drive and install from that folder. That way it will work.

    Thank you all and thank you to the site administrator for the division.

    Sorry for the mistakes of English. I am Brazilian and I am using the google translator.

  16. The keygen 32 bit not working, the generated key is not being accepted.

    Can someone help Please? really need this.


    I need the links 3 and 4 pliz!!!!!!!!!!

  18. We cant download the part 3 and for by freakshare and turbobit is not working!!!

  19. We cant download the part 3 and 4 by freakshare and turbobit is not working!!!

  20. I can’t install it. Whenever I run setup.exe it just stays on the taskbar.

  21. o part 03 esta dando erro no meio do download no turbobit e o freakshare esta off

  22. Hi, mates
    any one can help me to get all the project and family templates files, currently when I install that, there is no any templates installed yet, and please, just tell me what I need to install manually from installer ( like 3rd party) to get program full version, I don’t know what i am missing.

  23. Esiste revit 2013 in italiano? se si dove posso scaricarlo?
    grazie a tuti coloro che risponderanno

  24. Yes,
    1) you need to mount it / Extract ISO
    2) copy all the files in the after mount to another folder
    3) Install Setup from the new folder..

    Now the problem is , where do we get all the project and family templates? After I installed it, all works fine, but without any templates…
    so this doesnt help at all..anybody can find WHERE THE TEMPLATE FOLDERS ?

    Thanks in advanced!

  25. getting error “loading revit content” and nothing happens after that..Please help!! Thank you

  26. I try to use revit suite that’s included architecture,mep , structure by download from autodesk website and activate it by 2013 autodesk universal keygen, it’s OK!, but it can’t use any plug-in such as Twinmotion plug-in, revit to twinmotion.And the others i didn’t know.

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