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34 comments on “Luxion Keyshot Pro V3.1.26 WIN32/WIN64 – XFORCE

  1. That was fast!
    Waiting for it on CGPeers!

    No news about the Mac OS version?

    • 3D and Mac don’t really go hand in hand dude. Time to get a real computer and stop shopping at Toys R’ Us?

      • Funny how mac guys think there cpu’s are better. Mac’s went MACPRO after they got INtel Processors. Think about it and get a real computer. PC’s RULE!!!

        • You said:

          — Mac?s went MACPRO after they got INtel Processors —


          Ignorance will kill you, my friend.
          Since IMB powerPC there were Mac Pros.

          If a Mac is pricey for you do not buy, but please if you want not to make a fool out of yrself DO not talk about what you do not know.

          A Mac is a Pc btw.
          Actually the first Real Personal Computer was a Mac.

          Now beg for forgiveness!!!

        • So… Mac is not a PC and they got Pro since they got intel processors. Great!
          So they are pro after all … ? lol ;)

          But they suck because?

      • Pmsl! Why is it you always find PC users configure there settings to try and get a desktop like Mac users then.. Instead of hating.. Dig dig in those tight pockets and get a real Computer.. I for one will never get a PC again.

  2. …..
    3./Launch XFORCE keygen and generate your license file
    which keygen ???

  3. The keygen is missing, I used XFORCE’s keygen from their previous release of Keyshot (V3.0.99) and it works.

  4. XFORCE is the best !!!

    anyone know how to do network rendering ?
    it seems keyshot needs ” keyshot_network_setup.exe ”
    I read it in the the new manual for keyshot.
    any help will be appreciated

  5. got it to work…but the library is completely empty even though all files show in folders when i browse from explorer. also the screen is completely black. cant see the model

  6. I can say one thing. Window and Linux rules for professional works on 3D. Mac is good for sound, video editing and graphic design. It is not 3D that throws away Mac, but Apple itself throws away 3D and high-end graphic. Lately, it is throwing ATI due to bugs and erros. Mac is cool, but if you work in medium or big production environment, you will see Linux more than anything else. At work, we have Mac which 80% of the time run Linux…

  7. woah Thanks X force !!!! looking forward to a mac version !!! its just so much better !!!

    • Any news about the Mac version?
      I had to install windows on bootcamp to get the keyshot 3 running cuz i really needed animation.
      and the network rendering app is missing as well…
      any news about that?
      great job for bringing this version so fast though.
      it’s awesome!

  8. Yeah… The only problem with the mac version is that it doesn’t work for Catia (very well) or Solidworks (at all).
    But Bootcamp saves the day. Mac haters suck!
    They’re both computers and they both do the same job. Preference is the only difference. I’m sick of hearing jealous retards on forums bitching about apple products. If you don’t like them, don’t buy them.
    I choose macbooks because they’ve a beautiful screen, a wonderful keyboard, a massive multitouch trackpad, two great operating systems and they’re wrapped in solid aluminum (i’m quite clumsy).
    I’d love to see any mac hater suggest a similar product.

  9. Which asshole posts something like this without ever even bothering to look if the medicine is in the archive? And btw, the previous version’s keygen doesn’t work with this… And see, everybody’s asking for a separate keygen upload, no response… Fuck this shit…

    • ..well he has one very big advantage over you – no matter how he tries, he could never succeed in being such an asshole like you reacting the way you do m8..

      It’s thanks to people like him (/her) who put effort in sharing stuff like this with everyone that keeps everything going, even if there is a slip-up once in a while. It’s hoping that they’ll focus more on people thanking and giving positive upbuilding feedback than negative ones so they don’t lose their motivation to share anymore.

      Thanks for the up m8! :)

  10. hey guys, am I the only one having problems with my emissive materials? They don’t light-up anything. Zero.
    It used to work with the previous version :(

  11. can anyone please send me de licence file ? i cant run the keygen, it says hat i need permessions even running as adm.

  12. you are the greatest bloger.

    thank you veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeery much.

  13. Can anyone help me with the keygen/Licence file matter?, it doesnt seem to work.
    This message appears
    ! No se puede ejecutar “C:\Users\Roger\AppData\Local\Temp\Rar$EX74.656\keyshot-windows-v2-keygen.exe”

    Im running on Windows 7 Starter.


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