29 comments on “Digital Tutors – Creative Development: Creating Exterior Visualizations in 3ds Max with Maciej Jura

  1. Hey dude pls pls pls pls upload interior rendering techniques with mental ray in 3ds max.
    it is most needed.
    pls upload it as soon as possible πŸ™‚

    • hi this link is not working any more if u have this file come and exchange with me I have so many good videos

      • try the torrent method, create an account in cgpeers.com , download the .torrent file, install a torrent client (i use utorrent) and run the .torrent file in utorrent, wait (this may be slower but it’s effective) personally I’m using this (i have a slow internet speed so it don’t bother me) hope it helped.

    • hi I can see you have manage to get this file but this link wont let me download any more I have some good videos me and you we can exchange if you want out of this site please get back to me thannks

  2. this is very nice tutorial I have download it but I need password now to extract please help it will be so nice

  3. please upload; Creating a Matte Painting in 3ds Max with Vue xStream with Rubens Karamanites in 3ds max!!

  4. Nothing interesting this tutorial. almost nothing what hes doing isnt explained, as he says “its time consumin” an ‘its easy, so u can do it yourselves”.

    waste of time

    • If you are not familiar with extruding/bridge and so on, then you should go back to basic:)

  5. haven’t been able to download Maxon Cinema 4D R13 full for mac – all dead links now, anyone has it available? this would save my life..

  6. hola tengo el mismo problema de adeluna100
    mi cuenta se desactivo y por mas que he intentado no me deja

  7. parte 2 fala que o arquivo Γ© muito grande para cliente free

    Part 2 says that the file is too large for client free

  8. Torrent not works
    ( You just tried to go to a page that doesn’t really exist. )

    torrent again plz…plz…plz
    torrent again plz…plz…plz
    torrent again plz…plz…plz

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