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Intermediate | 2h 04m | 785 MB | Project Files 16 MB | Required Software: CINEMA 4D R13

In this set of tutorials you will learn how to automatically rig creatures with CINEMA 4D’s new Character Object. Through this set of tutorials you will learn how to use the Character Object to auto-rig creatures and how to adjust the control rig to match its exact proportions! We’ll then explore some of the features built into the Character Object that allow us to auto-weight geometry, filter what gets displayed in the scene, and take a look at a system that generates automatic animation cycles. We’ll also cover how to integrate custom systems of our own into the auto-rig, weight painting and weight mirroring techniques, as well as how to collapse the rig in order to export it for use in an older version of CINEMA 4D. In the end, you will learn how the Character Object can be used to make your rigging workflow far more efficient!