15 comments on “Grass Valley Canopus Edius 6.52 x86/x64

  1. if this one comes with the Trial-Reset, can someone explain what the fuck are we suppose to do with it cos i couldn’t get my head around it.

  2. Grass_Valley_Canopus_Edius_6.52_x32_x64_CGP.part03.rar ??? ??

  3. The bytebox folder has two part04.rar. Is one of the part three? If so, which is which

  4. You’ll have to download part3 from nitrobits.

    The install instructions are mostly in Russian(?). One file also has english instructions. It looks like TrialReset is involved, but it’s unclear as to what to do with it. There’s a reference to the GV License manager, but I can’t find it in my v6.02 copy of Edius.

    I didn’t find reading the posts in the forum at all helpful. too much contradiction between posters.

  5. no crack, trial reset is to clear the 30 days, to re install EDIUS is a placebo effect. I have the original version LICENSED. no crack for EDIUS 6.50-51-52

  6. http://cgpeers.com/torrents?id=19506
    This link 1.91Gb

    This links 500×9+300Mb

    Not full torrent???

  7. Why don’t you upload on filefactory.com? I am sure you will get more visitors than before if you upload on that file host. Could you please upload on filefactory.com as well?

  8. Disculpa mi ignorancia pero…no me permite descargar con los gestores de descarga…ni tampoco directo en cada link…como diab…le hago para tenerlo…si lo subes por torrent..o en otro servidor te lo agradeceria

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