8 comments on “MultiScatter 1.1.09d For 3Ds MAX 2009-2013 x64

  1. I have the MultiScatter 1.1.08b For 3dsMax 2012 version installed….
    May i unninstall [and how?] this version first?
    Or not? please…if anyone knows…i wanted to know.

    • Hy…I read that you have multiscatter for max 2012…I would be very grateful that you send me a link where i can download this plugin for max 2012…I have tried to search on google on many sites, but my searches ended with 0 results. Thanks!
      My email is mohicans_007@yahoo.co.uk

    • fix it
      i download and place the MSVCR100.dll in my windows\system32 folder and the plugin works fine

      MSVCR100.dll download :

      Copypasta from: http://cgpersia.com/2012/06/multiscatter-1-1-09c-for-3ds-max-2008-2013-x64-23679.html#ixzz2AKJ6vkWO

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