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22 comments on “SolidAngle Maya To Arnold (MtoA) v0.19.1 – XFORCE

  1. what’s new in this version…..i have .18 what’s new in it …
    any one more thing …x-force guys you creacked every major renderer but i think you don’t got any ball’s for creaking the pixar randerman .

  2. How i can download torrent file?they want to logging there.But the registration is close.plz help me to logging CG Persia torrent.
    email me

  3. hey guy I have tried every single step of the instructions… yet I still get the watermark…

    any tips?

    thank you geniuses… much appreciated…

  4. cg_lover: Make sure that the licence server is running. I had to run it seperatly as the service woulden’t run.

  5. thanks a lot X-FORCE rules
    It seems to be that Arnold is best choice besides Pixar`s PRMan
    wouldn`t it be great to have PRMan? Just dreaming

    thanks again

    • I don’t know if I would compare them, but yea… I’m sad that prman hasn’t been cracked in such a long time. I used to be a renderman guy, nowadays I’m spoiled with all these raytracers… but honestly, I miss my renderman :) fabulous image quality… shadows… AA… shading… displacements… DOF… moblur… and everything so damn fast. you can’t compare a grainy raytracer with that. :D

  6. Version 0.19.1 is better than 0.19.0 ?
    because the file to download the image of 0.19.0 this better be true or am I wrong?
    sorry for the noob

    • beautiful

      not so beautiful

      • hahahaha, absolutely!!! you can see a decrease in artistry as the technology increases…

  7. Hello people I have a problem. I have setup all my animation and ready to render but when i hit batch render in Maya 2013 I get the error message “Renderer “arnold” does not provide batch rendered options” and in Maya 2012 it just doesn’t do anything. I can render still frames just cant use batch render. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks guys

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