28 comments on “3DCreative – 2012 – Full Year Collection

  1. Thanks! :-) really cool.

    Is there a possibility to make a torrent?

  2. > Waiting for the torrent
    > Is there a possibility to make a torrent?
    > torrent plz! <3
    How about to do it yourself? Lazy bastards.

  3. get a torret from cgpeers you stupid fucks!
    download jan-jul + every single issue from aug-dec separately.
    but i don’t know who is gonna read it for you… :( can’t help.


  5. Genius one who says make one for yourself … ! are you kidding me ! why would I ask for torrent if I have the file…. !

    The other one who says download them separately… ! why do you think the OP created this post while there are already other posts for every single magazine !

    So the we don’t have to download them Separately!!!!!

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  7. Pfff Filefactory links had been deleted and Bytesbox takes an eternity for download one file plus waiting another 20 minutos to download the next one… Thanx for the effort anyway but a Torrent would be great.

  8. Torrent would be appreciated.

    Titties Boobies

  9. I got tired waiting for a torrent so it was easy to download each issue alone and then make a torrent.
    There you go guys!



  10. Looks like cgpeers reset itself or something cause the link changed, this is the new one.



  11. Please, can’t anybody send me an invitation for torrent account?
    Thank so much!!

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