12 comments on “Lynda.com – Illustrator CS6 One-on-One: Intermediate

  1. lol taking adventage of the next level in illustrator lol…. using this fucking thing itself is the biggest disadventage !!!!
    This piece of shit software should be destroyed / eliminated and buried somwhere on a no man island…
    Biggest piece of shit software ever invented….
    Just use corel draw and get shit done in fraction of time….
    Fuck Illustrator !!!!

    • Your insight and expertise is incredibly illuminating, please don’t share it with us again soon.

      • anytime… if you gotta question do not hesitate to ask…
        I’ll help you with anything I can..
        and you’re welcome…
        and sorry for my rant I just like to express myself impolitely.

        Best regards,

        Draw User….

  2. Some software are reserved for people with fully healthy brain cells, which is not your case, considering the smell of your verbal production.
    Happy to get some more Deke’s training.

  3. Fine post, thanks for your contribution, wish you were here…. torrent!

  4. Yepppp U’re hereeee…..torrent!
    I was just a little too fast.
    Thanks again.

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