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  1. I do not understand what this is, how to install it or what the reg file is all about. So I will wait for a Real version with a key gen that installs the way it should for Windows.

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  3. how you guys can get this for mac, but not syntheyes 2011 for mac i have been waiting forever…

  4. http://cgpeers.com/torrents.php?id=20909
    you should have an account to have access for the download page
    after downloading decompress the file with 7zip or open it with isomaker, you’ll find a setup.exe and a serial on page 6th of pdf

  5. I downloaded it 3 times, but the part14 from Bytesbox is corrupted.

  6. I have Windows 7 x64. I do not understand what to do with the Reg file, where to place it. Any help? Please.

  7. Where is the “Reg” file? I’ve downloaded torrent, but can’t found it

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  11. Can anybody please help me how to install it on mac? how do i use the crack? i tried installing it, but it only installs the net render

  12. gracias mil gracias windows y mac multiplataforma de instalacion Iso … solo resta decir FELIZ NAVIDAD es lo mejor de este a?o C4d R14 completa mi trabajo mis proyectos mi cinema YYYYYYEEEEEEEAAAA

  13. @ Mista: Which I understand… install c4d and after installation…. copy crack file in HD/Users/Your user/Library/Preferences.

  14. works perfectly, for those who have problems in windows, power iso download, there is a pdf file called EN_DE.pdf Installation Guide, open it in the bottom, is the serial; estupidasl before asking questions, first read and get some and put to work the brain!

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  16. I download this file, and download regfile(14mca). Can someone put me in right direction, I have Win7 and i dont know how to install (regfile). Here is lot of question about this and 0 answer.
    For PC:
    \…….and extract to the folder of your choice in your PC, install the reg file,
    than install C4D, only works for x64.\
    Ok, but where do I put reg file (or how to install)? I can’t find any instruction for this? Can someone help me.Please!!!

    • I found new regfile for Win here: “http://cramit.in/losabtlosxy5” ,C4d r14 Studio installed successfully. Now when I start C4d , the message pop up wrong serial key and need to add a new one. What is the problem here?
      Something tells me that I will never get any response from here.

      • Problem solved:
        If you have problem like this. Download the regfile from this site (https://anonfiles.com/file/f9bcd8f45bc39e1a98d50a2e9da05e68), Double Click on ” r14 test 1″ and that will install a regfile.Now your can use Cinema4d .

  17. Syntheyes 2011 is floating around somewhere.. I have it! If i find it i shall let you know.. But i recommend boujou 5.0

  18. I got many file error, some lib files, during the installation.

  19. Dudes! For some people is hard to understand how to install this. Let’s be more clear here, please. Here it goes.

    To install!! (MAC)

    After download finishes. Yo have these 2 files: “c14.dmg” + regfileR14.rar (open it and you will have the file “14mca”)

    Go to: Your HD/Users/Your user/Library/Preferences

    Paste on the same folder, the file “14mca” (Registration File).

    Double-click on the “c14.dmg”. Double click on the “Setup” and install it!
    The name, serial number and bla bla bla will be already done on the setup screen.


  20. Where is the reg file? when i extract the dmg file, there is no reg file

  21. Hi,

    when extracting the Maxon Cinema 4D R14_Retail_Win_Mac_CGP-rar file there are 4 files: a mac, the .dmg, a readme and…. a reg file.
    doubleclick the .reg file before executing the setup from the mounted dmg.
    it?s not difficult, eh?

    thanks for r14.


  22. amigo hola, tu crees que me podrias facilitar los numeros de serie del c4d r14, la verdad lo baje pero no puedo instalarlo, mill?n gracias por adelantado

  23. “X:\R14 Installation\bin\resource\libs\win32\libiomp5md.dll is either not designed to run on Windows or it contains an error. Try installing the program again using the original installation media or contact your system administrator or the software vendor for support. Error status 0xc000012f.”

    Any ideas? Anyone?

    Win 8 64bit.

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