12 comments on “video2brain – Getting Started with 3ds Max

  1. why is it people always upload to bytebox & gator? these two the worst and people never learn. use zippyshare, bitshare, peejeshare, megafiles.se, uppit, speedyshare, mojoload. there are better options, but people never learn.

    • character studio :) now that brings back memories.. OLD ONES
      rapidgator works great for me. pretty fast.. Though for my money, the only way to share this stuff is torrent. Yeah I’ve heard all the excuses that some cannot use torrents, that they don’t have the bandwidth allowance etc.. but think about it.. you spend hours downloading this stuff, one part at a time, waiting for a few minutes before you can grab the next part.. and if the connection drops, you have to re download whatever part you were trying to download, because you don’t have resume.. but with torrents, you can take your time.. stop and start when you need to. grab half today and the rest a week later and it will still be there. File sharing servers are notorious for deleting links, only days or sometimes hours after the files are uploaded

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