13 comments on “Pixologic – ZBrush ZclassRoom Complete Training 2012

  1. Cool! πŸ™‚
    But it is less fun that you can only be a premium user to download these files! :/

  2. wow! this is awesome…but the way, when release new zbrush 4R5?
    Thanks and happy new year.

  3. This is a great and awesome post I’ve ever seen here!
    What will be next? Can I request ‘Maya Complete Tutorials from YOUTUBE’?

  4. ..nobody ever forces anyone to download or even like things posted. If you don’t like something why leave a negative comment instead of not bothering everyone and just skip and move on? Golden rule: if you don’t have anything useful to say, don’t bother others, use the liberty of just staying silent.

    Good post! Yes, you can watch them for free at ZClassroom but it’s a great asset to have offline – I did it myself but it’s not straightforward to everyone to download them yourself.
    So thanks! πŸ™‚

  5. The Videos are in F4V Format! Which is a Flash Video Codec Format!
    There is absolut no Video Player except the ADOBE MEDIA PLAYER who can play this files. I hope that helps others who have the same problem as me. I can’t get Adobe Media Player locally installed on my machine. Don’t know where to find it or in what package it is contained! Maybe in the Adobe Bundle.
    Fact is – doesn’t matter what kind of video tutorial it is – it should be riped with the all mighty and every installed “XVID” codec! So – which idiot is ripping videos in flash today? Flash is almost dead! Accept that!

    • Media Player Classic Home Cinema plays them just fine. So does VLC the last time I had it installed IIRC. Converting is very easy too if XViD is what you’re after. Wouldn’t call it almighty though. Thanks for the laugh, BATMAN.

    • VLC Player
      GOM Player
      MPC Home Cinema

      Just choose one and enjoy!!

  6. Man i want to download but i dont have acess to CG perrs, iwant in torrent cause its more easy…can you put it in thepiratebay no?

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