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36 comments on “Autodesk – Maya 2014 Win64 (Trial + XFORCE keygen)

  1. To change the ugly new Maya 2014 icons/splash screen back to what it looked like in Maya 2013 then install this mod:

    • OOOOOOOOO, now we’re customizing our Maya splashscreens, friggin sweet dude! yay maya! it adds like 10 horsepower!


  3. Is this really the official Release? because at Autodesk website says that Maya 2014 demo will be available soon only 2013 demo on it. Please reply to this message

    Thanks :D

    • To me it looks like no, also some features are missing, though I did see someone saying they got all features to work… so I’m left wondering.

  4. at last … Queen of Illusion, mother MAYA… thnx U.N.Owen for upload and arkmark for torrent

  5. the splash screen affects my daily routine, and my work is suffering from it. please autodesk return the icons and splashscreen back to maya 4. Or for the love of god will someone please hack it for me. mod mod mod, we need icon mods, and splashscreen mods, make maya more useable like cinema 4d

    • “the splash screen affects my daily routine”
      You sir, are a dick. Who gives a flying fack what is on a screen that is seen for a few seconds when a program starts up?

    • You mean this one?
      Isn’t that one a little too gay?

    • You should try this mod it was posted a couple days ago:
      Maybe you can substitute the splash screen

  6. THX great Share!
    I have to use this Product Key: 775F1 on setup.
    Maybe somone have the same Problem.

  7. Where are all the 3rd Party Tools?
    DMM, Physx, Craft Animation Tools?

    • For the DMM Plugin, their team are still working on the new version and it will be available pretty soon I hope on the Autodesk’s website….

  8. I installed the app and patched it correctly, but the activation code the keygen provides is too short. I’m missing 7 characters. Activation field 16 is empty and field 15 only has 1 character in it.

    • It doesn’t matter if last field is empty and 15th has only one character in it…that’s just how activation code is…press next and move on ;)

    • The characters are all there!…the first generated set may or may not display missing number means click generate again; and copy paste 2nd time and click next… for me installing Max,however,Softimage,Mudbox and Maya should works just fine.

  9. for me appears an error bizarre
    AdlmInt Error: The AUTODESK_ADLM_THINCLIENT_ENV XML file could not be loaded
    license problem in GUI mode launch dialog message

  10. Hey guys! Does anyone knows if mentalray is included? I don’t see any file of it. Thanks!

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