2 comments on “FlippedNormals ? MOUTHS ? 40 ZBrush VDMs + 5 bonus variations

  1. Hello

    I made this pack. lots of hard work.If people don’t buy then I cannot make anymore packs, and then everyone loses. They are not expensive – only $12. I guess there’s not much I can do to have you take it down. Could you at least add a link to my store with a note encouraging people to buy if they like it?


    • There are several links to your stores in the readme pdf you have created. So don’t worry about this aspect. And I guess, everybody who is really interested to use your brushes in any kind of commercial aspect, will purchase the package (or will now be inspired to learn how to create his own VDM brushes). But most of those grabbing the package from here are users who are just speechless about what they could do in ZBrush if only they know how to do it.

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