4 comments on “Unity Asset Mega Collection 2023

  1. Hi,

    Since few months, you are not posting much on Unreal Market place Assets, any plan to post more assets ?



    • I have posted one yesterday, I just post once I have enough to make a collection, sometimes it’s takes weeks

  2. If you’ve been d/l’ing collections from 2023, these are the parts that provide new assets:
    part14-16: GPU Instancer to Human Vocal Sounds
    part22: Modular Guard Tower Set to Monster Sounds Pack
    part24: Mountain Lake – Forest Pack
    part26: Next-Gen Soft-Shadows to Odin Inspector and Serializer
    part28: Paint in 3D to PBR Rocks – Nature Pack
    part33-35: RPG Monster BUNDLE Polyart to White mage spells

  3. Hello, I support you for your good site.
    I am going to download only one of the files in this collection: HDRP Medieval Fantasy Ruins – Dark Forest Environment.unitypackage
    . can you guide me

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